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 Mark decided that stunt-double part for the birth of Dumbo wasn't worth it. --Les Miserables
 Depends contain explosive diarrhea better than the other two leading brands. --Under an Assumed Name
 This scene from Oh, That Cupid!-- the best of the little-known "Cupid" genre films of 1970s Poland -- finds the clumsy cherub of love explaining a love affair between two dung wrestlers. --Hideo Spanner
 You mean to say these three yahoos need THIS many Secret Service Agents?? --the scottish valkyrie
 And as my clients here prove, there are some serious problems with Olestra. --Slibs
 Star Trek Cons attract mostly geeks and nerds who live in their parent's basements. To see the real freaks, you have to go to Touched By An Angel cons. --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 Troma's version of Lord of the Rings is a wrap. --the scottish valkyrie
 Crashing Mafia weddings is always a bad idea. --Ladislav the Sunburnt (yes, it is possible in the UK)
 I hate it when this happens. You get everything right: the background compliments the foreground, the light's right, the tree's centred in the view, and then a fucking lamp-post jumps into the frame and wrecks the symmetry. --Ladislav the Posthumous
 As the "white sheep" of the family, Shaun was always ignored by the reporters. --Ladislav the Posthumous
 We seem to have two-thirds of the makings of a big fat Neopolitan here --kyosuke
 After seven terrible days trapped in her backyard septic tank, baby Jessica was retrieved by these heroic firemen. --ava1anche
 Yes, it was an appearance by the Three Tenors, but still not what most of the audience was expecting. --Michael 808
 The cointoss for the history making public Mano-y-Mano no holds barred match between Underwear-Man and his arch nemesis the Fecal Brothers --Moe The Maneater (back from Sabbatical)
 Stanley goes for a third "Dirty Herman" in a row as the finger pulling contest escalates to a new level. --Klack Bros.
 "Great money shot guys. After lunch, we'll shoot the scene again from the iguana's point of view." --Helder
 Dave had waited for this all his life. When the grass grew, he would finally be a ChiaMan[tm]. --Werehamster
 With Twink, the Detergent Pixie, advertisers had finally achieved their goal, a product spokesman more gay than Snuggle. --Mr. Groundhog
 I don't understand these Japanese Game Shows at all. --deadcoil (Bobbing for Mud!)
 Chocolate covered fatties come in both milk chocolate and white chocolate varieties. --LiLi
 I only wish my job gave me this much dignity. --Slibs
 You may ask yourself, "How did I get here?" You might say to yourself, "My god, what have I done?" --Stefan Jones
 It took the intervention of 2 surgeons and an angel, but Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon is all better now. --Yakko
 Oh. So that's what you'll do for a Klondike bar. I should keep my fucking mouth shut... --Skizzy the Wonder Lizard
 The mourners stood transfixed - not only had the dead risen from their muddy graves, but the Angel of Death was a total lard-arse. --Ladislav the Posthumous
 First the tasty chocolate coating is applied, then the prisoners must sprint down a street lined with Amish protesters hurling rocks, and then run ahead of a pack of wild dogs to the state line. --From the new Pensylvania penal code. --Kal
 SWM, 40, 5'10, brown/hazel, delicious chocolatey coating with crunchy chewy middle, seeks SWF... --rudy
 "The factory tour was fun until the Oompah Loompahs pulled us out of the chocolate river and kicked the crap out of us." --Spun Clyde
 In the cake wars, chocolate suddenly outnumbered and overpowered angel's food, much to the delight of the crowd --Manic
 Although not quite as famous as the Angel of Death, the Angel of Public Humiliation and Social Repugnance is not someone you want to piss off. --Helder
 Just another day on the job for the local Bomb Squad unit in Hershey, PA. --Orrin Bloquy
 "Not now mom, you're embarrassing us." --Helder
 Coming to theatres this summer: Fantastic Voyage 2: Anal Probe. --Helder
 Huggies wins. --Captain Howdy
 The proper term is "octaroon." --Captain Howdy
 By age thirty, Charlie was appearing in public dressed only in undies, surrounded by his Oompa-loompa/Wonka-Bar hybrid bodyguards. Willie Wonka was rolling in his delicious grave. --Captain Howdy
 Screw the bunnies. I want a milk chocolate Jew this Easter. --ava1anche
 Holy shit? --ava1anche
 Oh, god! He's wearing the same outfit, that bitch! Somebody get me out of here! --Weasel
 "Mud Men no agree with Fairy People. Mud Men no think World Bank should forgive debt." --Rodney
 Notice: When granted one wish, DO NOT respond with "Well, I'll be dipped in dog shit". --Rodney
 Sorry 'bout that. Fucking enchiladas just don't seem to agree with me. --rudy
 I don't know what this is a picture of, but I'm getting vaguely aroused. --Magus
 Bored with showing people what the world would be like if they'd never been born, Clarence began showing them what the world would be like if they, and all their loved ones, were covered in raw sewage. --Rodney
 Original, hastily yanked cover for The Tao of Pooh. --Nyder
 o/~...and the shit-covered Nathan Lane is a person in your neighborhood...o/~ --the rev
 So that's what Ren Faire people do in the off-season. --Weasel
 Diaper Roulette--Taking the lives of America's fetishists. On tonight's Hard Copy. --dALY
 "Well, first of all, I would like to say that despite all appearances, there's really an innocent explanation for all this... " --Vitriol
 The Polar Bear Club decided to have its gathering in the East River this year --Doihle
 After this, I'm gonna own that Taco bell! --The 13th Angel
 Well, that's it, we've *really* hit the bottom of the boy-band barrel now. --James Howard
 Bathe them, and get them the hell away from me. --Magus
 To hell with this! Perot can have his damned party back, nobody does this to Pat Buchanan! --Slibs
 You'd think after Fox's Who Wants to Marry a Same-Sex Millionaire Dipped in Shit ended in scandal, they'd have learned their lesson.. --Robbbbb
 This scan wasn't the only thing supplied by Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon --Mr. Weazel's World
 Well, it's either a student filmmaker's production of Paradise Lost, or the Justice Department has finally come up with some appropriate penalties in the Microsoft antitrust case. --Helder
 August Gloob returns with his cousin Franz for another dip in the chocolate river. Franz's brother, Terry, only came along for the divinity. --Weasel
 This was destined to be the best episode of Blind Date Ever. --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 "And do you, Mud-Man, take Diaper Boy to be your lawfully wedded husband...?" --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 Hi, I'm the Archangel Gabriel, this is my demonic counterpart Moloch, and this is my other demonic counterpart Moloch. --Brettt Maverick
 "Well, quite frankly, we've had it up to here with your crap." --Valvoline (the direct approach)
 "Break's over! Back on your heads!" -- mutantdog
 ... demonstrating once again the importance of using Scotch Guard. Thank you. --Weasel
 Wow, that was one big fucking dog! --Brad Popsiclestick
 "The Desitin Fairy arrives in the nick of time." --Dusty Beanbag

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