IADL #527
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 "When Hillary walks by, everybody start singing 'Stand By Your Man.' She hates that." --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 On-lookers on the set of Fox's When Air Conditioners Fall From Windows and Brain People are about to learn the real meaning of irony. --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 "Ken, don't you think it's a bit cold to be..." "Too cold?! It's never too cold for a good journalist!" "I admire your enthusiasm, Ken, but i think my face is frozen to the camera..." "Shut your piehole and keep shooting!" --Skizzy the Wonder Lizard
 We've sent a documentary crew to attempt to capture the excitement that is Winnipeg. --Orrin Bloquy
 Soon a small crowd had assembled to watch Larry field test the tele-penis. --Bad Girl
 Brainy Smurf may have been just a twerp in the animated series, but he eventually advanced to a steady career as a documentarian for PBS. --Valvoline
 Deperately the dwarf albino reindeer tried to get the attention of the cameraman and save Christmas, but it was not to be. --smj
 "No, no, keep rolling. The third one's not covered with dookie yet." --Lloyd
 When interviewing girls, remain outside of their cootie zone. --Spun Clyde
 Tonight on the WB......more crap. --KM
 "... but despite government assurances of a tough stance against all forms of discrimination, women still won't go out with me. This is Eugene Martin, your Geek-on-the-Street reporting." --Helder
 Larry was the cool guy you knew in college that could make a bong out of anything. --dALY
 8:00 Channel 4: Hogan's Heroes Hilarious hijinx when the Propaganda Bureau decides to shoot a documentary at Stalag 13 and Newkirk splices in some footage of Maj. Hochstetter and Helga. (repeat) --Doctor X (No one has ever escaped from Spinnwebe 13!!!
 In the former Soviet Union, televised gags involving hidden cameras often had their share of technical limitations. --Coalcracker
 Few were suprised when Fox attempted to recreate the success of Survivor. But the last-minute decision to film in the slums of Saskatchewan was, to put it lightly, a shock. --Coalcracker
 Four out of six onlookers agreed that the scene was worth watching; the cameraman was harder to convince. --Naily
 Fortunatley, after six days of riots, police shootings, and attempted muggings The Bronx Witch Project was called off --The EXXXorcist
 Having already dominated the free software and free email markets, Microsoft began giving away free cable channels to any losers who could work a camera and microphone. --Helder
 The Archdeacon of the Church of Scientology turns out in full ceremonial regalia to give his blessing to the production of Battlefield Earth. --Nyder
 Japanese tourists get out of hand. --Twisted Every Way
 Unbeknownst to the self-satisfied Gunter, the scene's excessive fecal content ruined its Dogme-95 compliance. --Captain Howdy
 Fox finally goes totally up its own arse with its new documentary series When TV Networks Make Documentary Series. --Nyder
 Oh, so here's Waldo...my bad. --Tempus Fugit, the Time Flier
 Some men compensate for their penile inadequacy through driving sports cars, others through owning speedboats. Jake just had to be different. --Nyder
 The world would have been a different place if Bill Gates had chosen to follow in the footsteps of his other hero, George Lucas. For one thing, a digital camera would weigh 80lbs and need it's own wheeled base to move around. --Mr. ?
 The first candid shot ever published of Vice Pope Doug, identified by his blue mitre. --Joe Z

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