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 Until funding came through for the pool, the synchronized swimming team did the best they could. --ava1anche
 Let me check with my parole officer before submitting a caption on this one. --slibs
 Sydney was the first Olympic venue to host the Synchronized Orgy, the Free-Style sacrifice to Bal, and the Summoning of the Anti-Christ. --Niagra Fails
 Mike knew his job was just to judge the cheerleaders on form, poise, and spirit, but he just couldn't get the phrase "I got me a hankerin' to do some spankerin' " out of his head. --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 "Next Exhibition, Eastlake High School, and their program entitled 'Hooray for Sodomy!'" --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 Well, that's one way to improve team morale..... --The Enigma
 This is what the other guys in high school were doing while you were off playing D&D. --The Mattwolf
 Und now ve see how ze male of ze species attempts to attract ze attention of ze female... --Weasel
 Sure, it sounds like fun, but the Kama Sutra Advanced Placement Exam is a lot harder than it looks. --Helder
 I'm not sure what they're doing, but I imagine I'd sit in line to do it, too. --dALY
 The William Jefferson Clinton High School basketball team never won any games, but they put on one hell of a halftime show. --Helder
 "Hey Joey, they do smell like teen spirit" --KM
 ...and that's how the U.S. became involved in Vietnam. Any questions? --Rodney
 Jack Chick's newest tract (cover pictured here) is a searing expose of the evils of high-school basketball. Warn your kids! --Nyder
 Silent, but deadly. --Spun Clyde
 The Fighting Van Winkles from Narcolepsy High. --Spun Clyde
 "And now, Mistress Heather commands you to lick the floor. Lick the floor, scum. Tell Mistress Heather how much you love licking her floor." --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 "And now, we'd like to perform a special tribute to the State Championship team, Class of '69..." -- mutantdog
 I Feel: A) aroused B) disturbed C) like having ham for dinner. --Niagra Fails
 Due to budget cuts, cheerleading camp and pre-season football drills were scheduled for the same day...with disasterous results. --perky
 Suddenly, due to the improper placement of Robbie's arms on Muffy's thighs, the group accidentally formed a geometric configuration with 5 dimensions, instead of 3. Seconds later, they collapsed, a blue light enveloped them all, and they got to find out the true meaning of "bummer" on the plains of Ry'leh. --deadcoil (the Lovecraft novel that was never written....)
 If you think the Oregon Orgies cheerleaders put on a good show, you should have seen the mascot. --Helder
 After watching the National Geographic Special on Grunion Spawning, the Varsity Drill Squad had a new idea...... --deadcoil (Cheerleading at U of Duh)
 After fifteen minutes of this, one of the judges at the back finally plucked up the courage to ask, "What the hell has this got to do with ice skating anyway?" --Darren
 The Warburton High Drill Squad practices their latest routine, Cleanup in Aisle Six. --rudy
 Sorry, left hand GREEN. My bad. --rudy
 Mephistopheles' master plan would have worked; the girls were all within the circle, the sacrifice had been made. Unfortunately, the ritual called for virgins, and, well, duh. A rocket scientist Mephistopheles ain't. --Weasel
 The first submission for the Gulf War Memorial was rejected because it didn't depict the Coalition side. --Pastor of Muppets
 "Damn it, who left these cheerleaders out in the middle of my football practice?!" --dALY
 The human pyramid collapses when John realizes that Suzy is 'going commando.' --Weasel
 The guys were so excited about being invited to the daisy chain..it took about 15 minutes and several pints before they realized they'd left the girls completely out --Dob37
 Yeah, my high school sports teams had their heads up their asses, too. --Anonymous Prime
 NO, you morons, it's DUCK DUCK goose. --Qui Gon Jim
 You know, without my glasses this looks a lot like a half-melted ice cream cake that had been decorated with Cookie Monster. I shudder to put them back on. --A Grouch
 Shilantra had no idea what to expect in the IADL initiation ceremony. --Mycroft
 For want of a baton, a step was lost. For want of a step, the rhythm was lost... --Doctor X (For want of a premise, the caption was lost.)
 And with that, Lester Burnham's fantasy came to a sudden end. --Pete
 "Ain't no sunshine when it rains/drop the posion in his veins...yea-a-a-a-a-a Team!" The Texas State Prison "Death Squad" then led the crowd in a rousing chant of "Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye" as another muderer was wheeled up for lethal injection. --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 When the screams had died down and the smoke had cleared, Missy looked at the JV squad and said "NEXT!" --The Mattwolf
 The pyramid was going splendidly, then, at the bottom, Dave decided to wave "hi" to the camera --The EXXXorcist
 Next time Coach Huckaby sent out recruiting notices for a tight end, he vowed to be more specific. --Sean Q
 "Gesundheit." --Weasel
 Looks like Larry got a new pad on the floor polisher this week. --Weasel
 *sigh* The Celtics are gonna suck this season too.... --osh
 And it was the best episode of "Saved By The Bell" ever. --snarla (i dunno)
 And as the quantum black hole spiraled back for another pass, the team regretted beating the crap out of Stephen Hawking's little boy. --slibs
 "Connect Four! I win!" --Valvoline
 The short bus version of Swan Lake --Seamus
 Cheerleading practice at San Andreas High School --Bad Girl
 Never insult the cheerleaders of the Newburg Telekinetics. --Magus

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