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 I've seem some short ranges for beginners, but this is just plain silly. --Weasel
 Unfortunately, the Where's Bucko? books never really took off. --Helder
 The New Unisex Bathrooms at Eastgate State Park drew many comments in the guest book. "It's so Ally McBeal" enthused one visitor. --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 Blitzen glared. THERE the old bastard was. minus several hundred pounds, and that beard, but THERE he was. --osh
 Shortly after this photo, Timmy carelessly kicked out the power cord for the headlights. It took the staff three days to get the blood stains out of the carpet. --Sean Q
  Sure, Rudolf, we'll let you play in our reindeer games.. just get in the back of the van.. they'd said. we're playing hide and seek they'd said. FUCK!, thought Rudolf, they did it to me AGAIN! --osh
 The buck drops here. --Helder
 "Uh, excuse me, but one of you seems to have my wife strapped to the hood of your pick-up." --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 No trip to grandpa's would be complete without watching a Elk Porn on the big screen tee-vee. --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 Mr. Farthing learned the hard way that you don't turn your back on goats, bulls, or amorous bucks. --Eric the .5b
 Animatronic reindeer singing joyous, but secular, holiday favorites are but one of the many improvements that will take place when the National Parks are privatized by the Disney Corporation. --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 Nobody wanted to hear Bambi's dad lecture on the evils of hunting. --Spun Clyde
 It wasn't until years later that Buck began to suspect that he was adopted. --Helder
 Blitzen hated his job as a tour guide at the Winchester museum, but he had to take what he got from the witness protection program. At least he could sleep better at night, knowing Santa was going to do hard time for what he did to the elves in the off-season. --Weasel
 The deer noticed all the couples and realized he shouldn't have come stag. --Spun Clyde
 Strangely, while the restaurant's Lobster tank was always a big hit, the Elk tank just freaked people out. --Kal
 "I'd like a McSaltLick, a large fries, and a ... hey, is anybody actually working here?" --Helder
 "Damn, you just never know what strange shit Pink Floyd is gonna come up with next." --Helder
 o/` I am the very model of a modern bad-ass herbivore / I have weaponry revolutionary, civil, and post-world-war / I know the kind of sneaky crap that redneck hunters like to pull / But come next hunting season I'll pay them all back in full o/` --Helder
 "Look, I'm sorry. I know you're disappointed. But the llama, the kangaroo and the big fucking dog have all been red-zoned, so you'll have to take what you can get." --Nyder
 Scene from the new cult classic, Bambi Meets Mozilla. --Nyder
 "Hey, kid! C'mere, get me outta this thing... I'll make it worth your while... maybe you'd like to make a little doe?..." --Sr. Cojones mas Grande
 Fargo's "Red Light" district. --Rodney
 "Just ignore him, son. If you give him some feed, he'll just spend it on booze." --Pete
 If you think THIS is creepy, you ought to see the display at the deer's house. --No Name
 "Do I gore the happy young couple, or do I run through Grandpa and Sonny Boy there like a knife through butter?" - An elk, split. --rudy (had to do it, even if it is red zone bound)
 "Baaa! Baaaa! Thank you! And now, a chicken! Buk buk buk buhGAWK!" --agt o
 Crusher shifted his weight and struck another majestic pose. "Fuckin' community service..." --snarla
 Holding the same pose for 12 hours straight, listening to the snide remarks of visitors, only the thought of sweet, sweet revenge kept me going. I wasn't messing with Yogi again, oh no. But that little shit Boo-boo was mine. --True Confessions: when Wildlife get in Gang Wars. by Anne Elk --snarla
 "The sign said Elks Lodge. What the hell were you expecting?!" --Helder
 Now booking for tours of Terry Gilliam's mind. --Darren
 The male elk's unique and lovely mating call (A-a-a-ae-e-e-eeeeee-eough! E-hum e-hu) is meant to warn other bulls, and backup tracks for Jewel CDs. --Stan Xhiao
 "Who wants their picture taken with me -- the reindeer that saved Christmas? C'mon you cheap bastards, my gambling bills aren't going to pay themselves." --Helder
 You shoulda seen it. This deer walks into the bar and says, "Anybody wanna play pool? I'll rack." There's this inarticulate scream from the other end of the bar where all the editors are drowning their sorrows, and next thing you know, Spinn has it stuffed and mounted, and he says he's still got some shells left for anybody that wants to make any bestiality/necro jokes about the 'stuffed and mounted' deal. --Weasel
 While they're busy "watching the deer," I'll spend some quality time "choking the garter snake." --Bad Girl
 Excuse me, but my nose is dead. Can somebody give me a jump? Anybody? I've got cables... --Weasel
 It's a shame Bullwinkle couldn't pull a flak jacket outta that hat... --Doc Evil (Yeah, I know it ain't a damn moose)
 It completely surprised the residents of the 87th floor when Blitzen slammed into the window... --p@
 Easily concealed, with a range of 200 yards and a 200,000 volt delivery, Ronco's Tazerlope was a big seller at the survivalist expo. --Torc.
 Wait until you see what they did with Rocky! --RMD
 h3y d00dz I br0k3 r00+ o/\/ d@ /\/\0o$3! -- Why DefCon is never held in Montana --Platypus
 It is dark... You are likely to be eaten by a deer... --Doc Evil
 o/o/ One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong... o/o/ --MrScary
 Remember, Billy, if Elk are outlawed, only outlaws will have Elk... --The Return of Bill (salvaging Helder)

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