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 But Chau was tempted, and looked back at their adoptive dads' sinful lifestyle. He was turned into a pillar of salt, and promptly appropriated by park management for use on curly fries. --Annna
 Don't worry, Bill. My boy will have him home by eleven. --Bradd W. Szonye
 Nobody was paying attention to the kiddy-car. Soon, there'd be another drive-by nerf-gunning. --Joe Z
 "I can't believe you didn't charge the battery! I loaded the coke, I planted the bombs, I took the biggest risk and all you had to do was plug us in! Now push us out of here before the rest of the cartel catches on." --Babich
 Escape From Never-Land Ranch - Tonight on Fox --Rodney
 Prevent the violent yelling of "shotgun" by installing steering columns in all seats. Please... for our children... --Mothers Against Fucked-Up Bullshit pamphlet --The Return of Bill
 The Jurassic Park Daycare Service has some of the best prices around. Unfortunately, if you don't pick up your children by 6:00pm, the staff feeds them to the raptors. --Helder
 "Tell me, Beach Bum of Christmas Yet-to-Come, are these images of things that will come to pass, or that may come to pass." --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 "Excuse me, Acapulco Fashion Police. Put down the beach flobs and step away from the Bermudas." --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 Camouflage jeeps of the Phillipine Army are designed to be almost invisible if they happen to be parked inside a 'California Pizza Kitchen.' --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 "No more male bullshit. Just ask the guy for directions back to the bumper car ride." --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 You know, if I weren't captioning via a $3000 notebook with $1200 worth of extras, i could do a great caption about juveniles in their silly, overpriced toys... --Rotter
 The Infantfada --Under An Assumed Name
 boy, if i ever have to fight a war in a banana grove that is covered in jism, THIS is the jeep i wanna be in! --cip
 Damn thing won't turn over. Fucking Ray-o-Vac! --The Return of Bill
 With a car like that, you know their schlongs must be huge! --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 The first shipment of North Korea's luxury limousine, Fearless Progress Toward Self-Reliance under the Beloved Leader, inadvertantly ended up at a Secaucus, New Jersey Toys "R" Us. --Stefan Jones
 Okay, that's the White, the Green, and Yellow. A couple more passes and the Power Rangers are history, baby! --Weasel
 What's different about the year 2000 version of My Mother, the Car? Well, for one thing, the suckling scenes... --Bad Girl
 New for 2001: Little Tykes drops the ubiquitous "Cozy Coupe" from their line-up and replaces it with the Li'l Bad-Ass. --flodnak
 The Chiquita Inc. assasination squad. --jacquilynne
 "And 'ere you see the woily One-Armed Soid-Walk Stander in 'is natural 'abitat, displayin' the beautiful plumage the species is known for. Lucky for us that he can't see us 'ere in our camoflauged jeep, or we'd be in an 'ole mess o' trouble." - excerpt from the earliest known video footage of "The Crocodile Hunter" --Antihero
 Yeah, sure, great. Now four year olds have started driving SUVs bigger than my fucking Metro. --rudy
 Dammit, I ordered two Cheddar Brats, not two brats covered in cheddar! Fucking drive-throughs. --rudy
 That guy honestly thinks we're over there! Goofus, I'm sorry I doubted the efficacy of your camouflage scheme. --Ladislav the Posthumous
 "Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?" --Helder
 Now that was a sneeze! --Weasel
 "My side has more green than yours." "Oh, yeah? My side has a switch for the lights." "So what? I get a view of the world's tallest transvestite." "Hey, NO FAIR!" --Weasel
 By the third time round the bumper-car track, the candy floss was beginning to wear off, but the Slurpees... the Slurpees were just getting into their stride. --Fear and Loathing in the Universal Studios Theme Park by Hunter S. Thompson Jr. --Nyder
 Bathe them and... get them to bed by nine! --Bradd W. Szonye
 "Marques. I found the perfect hiding spot for the car. Park next to that guy's shorts." --Skizzy the Wonder Lizard
 ...and, as you can clearly see, Frame #536 not only rules out the lone gunman theory, but casts controversy on the number of drivers.... --Nyder
 Just goes to show it doesn't always help to install another driver. --Nyder
 Fortunatly "The Stephen King Children's Storytime" adaptions of his novels never made it past "Christine" --The EXXXorcist
 Ha, now that Spridle and Chim-chim have their own car I, Speed Racer, can concentrate on becoming the world's greatest racing driver without worrying about where Spridle and Chim-chim are beacuse they will have their own car and can stay out of the trunk of the Mach 5 while I'm out trying to become the world's greatest racing driver! --The Mattwolf (Damn dude, take a breath!)
 Fed up with Charlie's rule of terror, the Oompa Loompas sent out two of their bravest to seize the famed "Lemony Limony Wonka Jeep." It was their only hope. --Skizzy the Wonder Lizard
 I've tried and tried but I just can't seem to find the humor in this picture. Of course, currently driving a 1978 Hondamatic Civic spraypainted green probably isn't helping me much. --A Grouch
 Daycare in South-Central Los Angeles isn't really any different than the rest of the country -- except for the drive-by tantrums, of course. --Helder (self-salvaging)
 Hey look, this crappy jeep matches our diapers! --Phase©

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