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 They're grinning and they're skinny/except for mom's new chinny/So wholesome and so pretty/the Gap Ad family --deadcoil (Uncle, Fist Her)
 ...and then we got Velma's Autograph. Hanna Balooza 2000 was AWESOME! --Jenn Dolari
 We've assembled our cast, now we'll see how many we can fit into a Volkswagen Beetle! --Rhapsody
 "I refuse to play." --Rhapsody
 With the upcoming Lord of The Rings movie, WB presents "Everybody Loves Frodo", where Frodo and Sam bring home two elven girls to the Shire and live with Lobelia Baggins, their new housekeeper --k.a
 You just know that two of these - go ahead, pick any two - are going to show up on your doorstep on the wrong damned Saturday morning wearing dress clothes and asking you about your "personal relationship with Jesus Christ." And you'll hear their words banging around in your head like a gorilla in a trash can and REALLY consider introducing them to Him personally. But instead you'll just slam the door in their face as usual and, when you wake up again three hours later, walk outside and wonder what the hell kind of animal left its broken incisor on your doorstep. --rudy
 4 out of 5 family members love incest! --Valvoline
 While the rest of the group was "High on Christ" Jennifer just wanted one more hit of that sweet, sweet, crack. --Vitriol
 Now...on the WB...another fucking teenager show we like to call "Another Fucking Teenager Show." --Orrin Bloquy
 The Chigger family of Sioux Falls poses with Ankya, their Foreign Anorexic Supermodel Exchange Program guest. --phil
 The casting agents for Felicity, Dawson's Creek, Grosse Pointe, Popular, and Rowsell would have run out of good-looking angst-ridden teens long ago if not for Mrs. Hansen's breeding farm. --Helder
 From left to right: voted for Bush, Gore, Buchanan (accidentally), Nader and Tom Hanks 'cause he's dreamy. --L. Fitzgerald Sjöberg
 Bill, Dennis, Fred, and Ricky pay Suzette (far left) $50 to pose in flyers for the Chess Club. --Bradd W. Szonye
 To me this looks just like a photo they'd show on the 5 O' Clock news with a red circle around the the head of the guy on the upper right. --Lloyd
 The Stepford Spousal-Equivalents. --Nyder
 "Uh, Chet? Who invited your Mom to Daytona for Spring Break?" --sman
 "Okay, the timer's set for 5... 4... 3... 2... Ooh! Shiny!" --Splunge
 Politics From Left to Right: Anorexic Pagan Radical, Closeted Homosexual Proto-Communist, Socialist Neo-Luddite Lesbian, Totalitarian Pro-Monarchy Exchange Student, and Bitch Who Won't Give Me A Date.. --Republicanus Tyrannus
 "A Scandanavian model, a stoned drummer, a former nun turned sex therapist, a football player with political ambitions, and a greeting-card writer walk into a Sunday school - stop me if you've heard this one..." --Eric the .5b (Certified non-ferrous caption)
 "....flood waters reached six feet, and the toll of yellow-fever cases steadily mounting, when the cyclone hit and carried away our trailer. Anyway, we're sure you won't mind putting us up for a few weeks... seeing as we're kith and kin?" --Nyder
 And here we are at the Hoboken Public Library. 150 libraries in four weeks, man that was some summer vacation. --Tommy Gunn
 The letterboxed version of "Threesome" reveals it was, in fact, an orgy. --tieboy
 The Electoral Community College --Under an Assumed Name
 The Greater-Breasted Supermodel has been known to deposit her chick in the nest of other species, such as the Common Yokel [above]. Despite the dramatic difference in appearance, the unwitting mother seems to have no trouble accepting the foreign offspring as one of her own. --snarla
 Smile, and the world smiles with you. ...Mostly. --James Howard
 Family photo/Twisted Genetic Monsters/I hate my siblings-- from the Kate Moss Book of Haiku --deadcoil (Wen Shen)
 Ahhh, zere it is, cheeldren. Ze comet hass finally come for us. See it sparkle! --MrScary
 Bob and Ted And Carol and Alice ..........and Helga, their new domanitrix --k.a
 While the rest of the gang seemed happy with the decision, Anneka was still disturbed. Who the hell was actually going to use .aero anyway? --Vitriol
 For just pennies a day, you too can buy this family pants. --crispy
 Janet's recurrent nightmare: Not only are her siblings singing Kumbaya, she can't remember the words. --Ken
 Based on mouths alone, which three people are Mormon? --Torc.
 They have successfully managed to sort themselves in ascending order according to a) head size b) smile size and c) breast size --cip
 This photograph is A: A suspect lineup, B: Just moments before the firing squad, or C: The closest I can get to porn thanks to NetNanny. --Magus
 Betsy Hanson, queen of the rock'n'roll groupies, shows off Joan, Paul, George and Ringette. --Nyder (bringing k a into the green asterisk)
 The Least Successful Little Whorehouse in Texas. --Darren
 sEnd mE $20,000 0r 'up with pE0ple' will m0vE in with y0u! --Helder
 Due to a clerical error at the Krypton Ministry of Justice, the French Club from Kandor High School was also sentenced to life in the Phantom Zone. --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 Once a year, the International John Tesh Fan Club gathers for an evening of stories, songs, and stalking tips. --Spunky Misunderstood Genius

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