IADL #54
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 Marvin's thinking maybe if he pays her an extra $5, she'll come home with him. --Mo
 Jennifer, don't you think that guy looks alot like the hairy fugitive we saw on America's Most Wanted last night? --LivFre
 How much longer are we going to have to wait for the RedBeret Roach Brigade to finish up so we can place our order? --LivFre
 These glass shields suck! How am I supposed to know what is what on the salad bar if I can't sniff it? --LivFre
 Charming Local Customs #420: In the town of Red Shirt, patrons bow politely while ordering a teriyaki beef sandwich. --not elsie
 By pure dint of reflexes, Parnell was able to pull his pants back up before the clerk could turn around. They'd never find the stolen bagel now... --The Sandman
 Man! Pay him half a million dollars and Dennis Rodman will do anything! --Riff
 Gee, your stump smells terrific! --Riff
 Psst, buddy! Put your arm back down or you're gonna be drownin' in "amputee" captions! --Riff
 IADL study in color #54: Red --Riff
 "Hmm... Darlene, y'figger them things crawlin' around back there is rats or just really big roaches?" --Adam Cadre
 Bob watches intently to make sure the specials are, in fact, special. --Adam Cadre
 It was then that Gulliver discovered the Lilliputian Dairy Queen. --Toade
 Damn menu...Go go gadget binoculars! There, that's better. --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 And suddenly, Bob saw one, special burger. --Cheezo
 Hey! You're not a teenager, and you're not 200 years old! Man, your life must be so fucked up! --Cheezo
 Excuse me, sir, but if you keep bending over like that, you'll get more than friendly service. --Don Spudleone
 Let's see what this sign says.....hmmmmm, Not To Be Taken Internally --Don Spudleone
 Jim ducks down trying to get the free kiddies' meal, but fails miserably. --Don Spudleone
 Lord Vader says that the tater-tots here REALLY suck... --Doc Evil
 While the clerk's back was turned, Dave took the opportunity to hock his own ingredient into the secret sauce. Joke's on Dave: The clerk is adding his OWN ingredient to Dave's "milk" shake. --anon
 Captain Thalidomide and his faithful sidekick, Chang, feel a bit peckish. --Ngoc van Trimble

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