IADL #540
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 The FBLA Pep Squad and their stirring presentation of Capital Gains Tax Cuts, Vishnu, and You. --rudy
 Gimme an F! Gimme a B! Gimme an L! Gimme an A! What's that spell? FBLAAAAAAA!!!! --Weasel
 " ... do not take the brown acid. Repeat: The brown acid is bad." --Mitch
 I had this dream once, 'cept they were extra breasts instead of arms --Mitch
 By the year 2199, only stockbrokers and cockroaches will have survived ... by cross-breeding. --Riff
 o/'...You put your left front leg, your right middle leg, and your left lower leg in, you take your left front leg, your right middle leg, and your left lower leg out... o/' --Nyder
 If you want to see these leggy lovelies eating their husbands, enter your credit card number in the space below and click "Send." --Nyder
 With the wonders of Bio-engineering, the Business People of Tomorrow can type 180 words a minute, answer calls, eat lunch, flip you off and pick your pocket all at the same time! --Kal
 The High School of Dr. Moreau. --snackula
 Now in the larval stage, these Junior Accountants will soon pupate into full grown Regional Managers. --snackula
 Disney's "A Manager's Life" --snackula
 Thanks once again to the FBLA Precision Mime Team, for their wonderfully executed "Spiders climbing a window." --Weasel
 "The itsy bitsy profit went down the water spout, Downsizing came, and we all got kicked out." --Runt of the Litter
 o/` F! B! L! A! It's fun to be in the F! B! L! A! o/` --Destroyer
 Future Business Leaders of America. Well, from the way they're all dressed, they're sure as hell not future fashion designers of america. --Anastasia
 Future Business Leaders of America's Tribute to the Hindu Gods went over really well at the Convenience Store Convention. --Lloyd
 o/~ We represent the Arachnid guild, the Arachnid Guild, the Arachnid Guild. We represent the Arachnid Guild and we wish to welcome you to the FBLA! ~/o --Weasel
 Yes I know the spider people stole our children away, trapped them in coccons, and slowly dissolved them for food. But they bought out the company at 3.5% above market value, you expect me to walk away from that? --Under an Assumed Name
 Genetic science has finally created the perfect business leader. One that can keep a hand in the cookie jar, grease palms, shake hands and sign a contract all at the same time. --Robear
 The Springfield High FBLA presents: "The Crab Louse and You: What Every Sexually Active Junior High School Student Should Know." --Seamus
 Police rushed in to arrest the protesters, but quickly ran out of handcuffs. --agm
 o/' The eensie-weensie spider crawled up the management spot. Downsizing came and washed the spider out. Out came the booze to dry up all the pain, and the eensie-weensie spider crawled up the spot again. o/' --Magus
 And as these girls dance in utter humilation, in the audience, a furry plushophile quietly creams his shorts. --BAR-1
 And now, the members of the Future Beef Council of America present their Salute to Babyback Ribs! --Jinikato
 The Future Anarchists of America are standing by with oversized cans of Raid. --K-Man
 The Future Business Leaders of America are 4x better at grabbing their piece of the American Dream. --cip
 Although the protestors had managed to break into the FBLA conference, overpower the guards and take over the stage, it rapidly became apparent that they had nothing to say. --Nyder
 What do we want? "Safer waterspouts!" When do we want them? "NOW!" --Jinikato
 You know that nightmare where you have to go give a big presentation, and you forgot to bring your spider costume? I hate that dream. --Weasel
 This is eerie: If you start playing the Barney Sing-Along album when the kangaroos start mating on IADL and click the (>) button once every five seconds, this page appears at the same time that Barney starts singing Itsy Bitsy Spider. Thank goodness I was stoned out of my mind at the time, or it might have given me nightmares. --Helder
 With George W. safely in office, triumphant Young Republicans, Jr. JayCees, and Junior Achievment cadres shed their human forms. --Hideo Spanner
 On the bright side, the ridicule and revilement they get tonight will better prepare them for future job interviews. --Helder
 I don't know why she swallowed the fly. Perhaps she'll die. Or get swallowed up in a merger and cop the capital gains, writing it off to an offshore account. --rudy
 Dammit, we just sprayed for business leaders last month. --Helder
 What do we want? Succulent midge larvae! When do we want them? Now! --The Mad Puffin
 You mock them, but who's gonna rise through the ranks faster? You, or someone who can give 8 simultaneous handjobs? --MrScary
 Women these days can be so...clingy. --MrScary
 Peta members finally hit an all time low with their "Save The Deerticks" march on "Future Business Leaders '99" --The EXXXorcist
 A planet where roaches evolved from business leaders? Actually, I can see it. --Wayne with a "W"
 Wow, this Accelerated Sign Language course is awesome! --crispy
 Oh, it's neat now, but wait until the threads come shooting out of their crotches! --crispy
 Am I a man dreaming I'm a butterfly, or a cockroach dreaming that I'm onstage naked at my junior high school, and I can't remember my locker combination? --Stan Xhiao
 Marvel Comics's What If Issue #173: What if that radioactive spider had bitten the pep squad instead of Peter Parker? --Helder
 I don't know why she swallowed the fly. Perhaps she'll die. Or perhaps she'll spin off the fly as an independent business center and reinvest the profits from the IPO in a mixed stock portfolio of organic adhesive manufacturers and silk importers. --Helder (salvaging rudy)
 This is nothing. The next scene in Pat Buchanan's wet dream involves Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno and six donkeys wearing sombreros. --Torc.
 So he's all like, "Your parlor or mine" and I'm all like, "Whatever!", and he's all like... what? uhhh.. like... we're on.. --squidflakes
 The itsy bitsy spider used a diversified portfolio weighted with tech stocks to aggresively climb the fiscal waterspout. Down came the NASDAQ and left the poor arachnid with sagging margins and a dismal financial outlook. --Torc.
 Mrs. Froni's sixth grade stage adaptation production of 'They Live' --Mr. ?
 "Without your kind donations, we'll never be able to afford all those pom-poms." --Torc.

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