IADL #542
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 Test #37: Not enough gas in the float. Hard to control the children. Batman will see this too soon. --Bil's Left Nut
 Is Ozzy getting really old, or are his opening acts just getting younger? --kyosuke
 Luckily, we had only stumbled into the Village of the Darned. --Mycroft
 Daycare in Terry Gilliam's "Brazil". --Magus
 Municipal politicians... organ music... a children's choir singing seasonal favourites... yeah, this is my vision of hell too. --Nyder
 If it weren't for the damn squatters, the Pearly Gates would be a lot more impressive. --Helder
 Harry Potter's Tour of Horrors 2001....... --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 ...and at that very moment, Mark David Chapman realized the error of his ways and started stalking Andrew Lloyd Webber instead. --Frenchy, the Toad Swallower
 In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu lies dreaming of going into municipal politics. --Nyder
 Scene from the somewhat less successful sequel, "Children of the Eggplant" --UFO_Charlie
 After defeating Mothra, Godzilla thought his time to live in peace had come. He hadn't anticipated the children of Tokyo calling on him one again to fight his greatest foe...Silverware-gala! --UFO_Charlie
 Some people just don't know when to stop decorating their front lawn. --Helder
 Scenes from the movie "Being David Lynch" --The EXXXorcist
 Generation X Theatres present It's a ...eh... Life. --Torc.
 The NAMBLA version of "Eyes Wide Shut" also sucked. --the rev
 After his parents sell him to a pimp to pay their bills, a cute kid leads a protest against unfeeling municipal politicians demanding needle exchange programmes, more money for shelters and better soup kitchens. --Scenario for the new Macauley Culkin vehicle, Homeless Alone. --Nyder
 Gosh, they're all so cute. I think I'll take the third one from the left. Does the price include a leash? --Helder
 While the costumes were good and the music polished, the 3rd grade class play really peaked when they recreated the rise of Superman's Fortress of Solitude --cip
 "I don't care if it is on fire, I've paid money for this town party and you're damn well going to stay and enjoy yourselves." --Darren
 The Gilford Town Women's Guild recreation of H.R. Giger's Necronomicon was god-awful until the second act when the handbags starting flying. --Lloyd

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