IADL #546
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 Shortly before the project lost all its funding, the Pubic Lice Surveillance Unit sent back more pictures of the outside world. --Nyder (quoting I don't remember who from way back)
 It's days like this that I dread; Dan's been reading his Fantastic 4 comics again prancing around saying he's Reed Richards. By nightfall he's curled up in bed nursing his badly bruised nipples and won't speak to me. --Lloyd
 "A-cup? A-cup?! Look at these babies! I'm a B-cup, easy!" --Lloyd Dobler
 My geometry teacher used to do this every year to demonstrate cones. He stopped when we offered to demonstrate conic sections. --phil
 "And after I've had my revenge on them, you're next my flaccid little friend, you're next!" --DieLifeDie
 "...and I'm climbing the hairway to Steven..." --snackula
 If only my inflatable dolls could do that every time they sprung a air leak, too. --agm
 Dan laughed. "I am going to live off the grid...using nipple power " The California energy crisis - Day 34. --Closer but....
 "The first thing we teach new employees is the corporate salute." --Darren
 Look, if IADL's running out of photos of fornicating kangaroos, I'll be happy to head down to the zoo and shoot some more photos for everyone. How about koalas fucking? Everyone likes koalas, right? --agm
 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Todd's left nipple, I shall fear no evil. --snackula
 "Ha ha! I got Pamala Anderson's old implants on eBay! Right here, baby, right here!" --crispy
 This is so wrong, so humiliating, but I want that raise... don't look up... don't... oh, for fuck's sake! I'm gonna be sick... --crispy
 Thank you, Santa! Thank you! --Kai Robinson
 This is Kevin Spacey. This is Kevin Spacey on estrogen. Any questions? --Kai Robinson
 That day, Bob learned an important lesson about supergluing his model planes and adjusting his nipple rings without washing up. --MrScary
 Whatever you do, don't look down. --Nyder
 Unable to achieve six-pack abs, Ken tries for champagne glass breasts instead. --Samurai Cat in Training
 By the time X-Men 6 came out, they were hurting for ideas. --Necalan
 "And tomorrow, expect the weather to be a tit bit nipply." Jim never did another weather report for Channel 5. --Hobgobble
 I told you not to buy porn videos from a guy selling them out of his trunk. Now turn that off and help me stop the bleeding from my eyeballs. --Helder
 You must be at least THIS endowed to dance at the Pink Pony. --the rev
 Sick of being titty twistered in the playground, Billy just tries to work up a callus. --Kai Robinson
 Jason almost got the high-paying executive position. But when the interviewer asked if he had any special skills.... --Laura "please use a caption of mine just ONCE"
 A little to the right, you're not quite tuned in yet.... --Pastor of Muppets
 ...Bob then promptly sued his boss, the company, and himself for "Sexual Harrassment." --Pastor of Muppets
 Still from the infamous PBS "Call in you pledge today, or Thad here pulls even harder" spot --Hideo Spanner
 Norman Rockwell's Now Keep Quiet About This and Uncle Joe Will Buy You an Ice Cream. --Nyder
 Whoaaaaa, I'm pinching my nipples for my friends' display! --I remember the DFC
 Kyle heard that a focus on cleavage increased Am I Hot or Not? scores by a point and a half, on average. --Lloyd Dobler
 No, Mr Bond, I expect you to suck. --Nyder
 Note the careful use of chiurascuro, the subtle contrast between the pinks of the skin and the blues of the background, the complex expression on the subject's face... all combining in harmony to reveal that some men will go to any lengths to hide the size of their penises. --Nyder
 Jim was so pathetic with women, even his own feminine side wouldn't get in touch with him. --Nyder
 "Give me all the money in the cash register, or I'll show you what I can do with my testicles!" --Helder
 ... but the picture itself is not as disturbing as the squeaking noise they make. --Aadroma
 Imagine poor Bob's disappointment when his ability to make shapes of the Wonders of the World with his chest flab DIDN'T win the talent show. --Aadroma
 "Vee have vays off making you talk!" --Helder
 "That baby sure looks hungry.....mind if I step in?" --that darn vole
 Meanwhile, at Industrial Light and Magic, a Foley Artist works on the sound of Jar-Jar Binks breast feeding. --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 I remember this jerk, one of the most embarassing dates ever. Never got my damned jumper cables back either. --A Grouch
 Having split personalities was bad enough for Bob, but things only got worse when two of his personalities got into S&M. --Helder
 Sadly, this was the only picture Billy's parents could give the police when he was kidnapped. Putting his picture on milk cartons not only didn't result in his return, it drove three milk companies out of business. --Weasel
 Fred Astaire's great grandson Jody went into porn, and also expected his costars to do everything he did backwards and in high heels. --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 "On second thought, I'll have my coffee without cream, thank you." --Helder

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