IADL #547
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 "Okay, the Baltimore City Council meeting will now come to order. Mayor Waters, you have the floor." --The Mad Puffin
 Jim wondered if he should have worn his wig too, he felt SO underdressed! --Not Like Everybody else
 And right about here is where Ed began to regret going with the public defender just to save a couple a bucks --Javen
 They, uh, look real enough from this angle, your honor. --javen
 Law & Order didn't translate well to the BBC --The Jerk of Graham St.
 At the request of the defense, Old Mother Hubbard reads a statement explaining the reason for the bareness of the cupboard and pleading eloquently for better canine maintenance support payments. --Nyder
 Damn, the tobacco industry is really using any distraction they can at these hearings. --deadcoil (Smoking is good for you!)
 Appearing before his former colleagues in the Senate, Bob Dole gets out the warning on Viagra side effects. --slibs
 Elvis sighted! --Darren
 "Well, moving on, I'm picking up a message here from another of the departed spirits, who doesn't know the name of the living person he wants to contact, but does have his e-mail address. So, is there anyone here with a @ in their name?" --Darren
 "Yes, I know I wore a suit while campaigning, but I also said I was going to end corporate welfare, and you knew that was crap, too. I gotta be me. Next question..." --phil
 "...24 cartons of assorted Ben and Jerry's, nine six-packs of Diet Coke, and a pack of Virginia Slims. We will kill one hostage every half-hour until our demands are met." --phil
 April 3, 2010: Michael Jackson and his lawyer --squidflakes
 Sample bias is always a pitfall when using focus groups to design your local news anchor team. --Spunky Misunderstood Genius
 "Your terms are acceptable. I'll fax a copy to my attorney, and then I'll meet you at the cheap motel down the road." --Helder
 "Well, no, I can't honestly say I ever seriously considered "Batman villain" as a career choice..." --Midrax
 Dame Edna and Chevy Chase star in National Lampoons Florida Recount! --blue
 "I'm sorry, I didn't hear that. The gentleman from San Francisco's outfit is too goddamned loud." --squidflakes
 Every one of the entries is carefully vetted by a team of well-known comedians, including Chevy Chase and Terry Jones. --That's Why It Takes So Long To Do The Fucking Edits So Shut Up Already, Mark Rosenfelder, 2001 --Nyder (sorry, Mark)
 Suddenly, in a burst of light, Liz Taylor and Michael Jackson merged into a single, bizarre entity known only as "Mpph." --UFO_Charlie
 Mix-Up at the Dole House: Liddy takes Viagra, Bob uses anti-aging cream. --UFO_Charlie
 "Yes. No. I was drunk. Not until afterwards. Crying and vomiting. Any other questions?" --Helder
 "Does my hairpiece make you look fat?" --Magus
 ...and of course by 2008, the Reform Party was just nominating a presidential ticket out of habit. --Torc.
 "That's Mistress Doubtfire to you." --Nyder
 "Why yes, this is the seat cover from a '78 Gremlin." "Thank you." --MrScary
 ... And that's why I'm suing Dow Chemicals for the rupture of my breast implants. --Bil's left nut
 The last man on Earth finishes the last 6-pack on Earth..... --slibs
 "Dame Edna, you get the feelin' we're bein' watched?" --Doctor X (Been trying to come up with a decent Dame Edna caption since I first saw this one.)
 Linda Tripp attempts yet another makeover. That's her on the right. --Silent Bob's Wife

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