IADL #549
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 Most of the time, he was the class nerd. But when danger was near, he would disappear into the nearest phone booth... and emerge as a nerd with contacts! --Nyder
 ... and next week he'll be showing us the letter 'M' ... --Ryk
 Proof that aliens started a breeding program using Elvis and Buddy Holly --Not Like Everybody Else
 With his life adrift after the cancellation of his television show, Roger Ebert made an unexpected career choice and began peddling his flesh at local bookstores. He always enjoyed the look on a customer's face when he gave his so-called "thumbs up" move. --Foofus.
 "Ah, here we go: Elvis Impersonation for Dummies." --Wabewalker
 From the makers of "Where's Waldo?" comes the new "Find Gary Coleman!" --me tew!
 "Look honey - it says here that lots of guys have that problem." --Phoenix
 As much as Professor Gaines loved eBay, he still had to buy his virgins from Lenny. --The Great Unwashed
 "Holding another book, I had found peace. I was content. But then I saw that enormous faker holding her book upside down. She couldn't read either. But her lie reflected my own, and once again, I couldn't sleep..." --Lord Stan
 The caraciture artist stood in shock. One of his drawings had strangely come to life --Doihle
 "Do you have Ken Starr's existential masterpiece, What is is?" --Doihle
 Even her hair is embarrassed by this guy's facial hair. --Triangle Man
 In later years, Harry Potter would sometimes show up at small-town book fairs and reminisce about his life in the big-time. --UFO_Charlie
 "What If" #289: What if Peter Parker had been bitten by an irradiated Elvis Presley? --UFO_Charlie
 (left to right) s3xd00d434, s3xd00d435 and s3xdood436. --Nyder
 and here we have the post modern oscar wilde about to toss his head back in maniacal laughter. wait for it.... --pickle
 As we passed the thrift stall, the weed was long gone, the acid was failing, but the rogaine... the rogaine was going strong. --The Unknown Anorak
 You must be this pretentious to read Sartre. --The Unknown Anorak
 "Yes, I'll have 5 pounds of your finest Steinbeck please." --Lloyd (props to Simpsons)
 "'My First Necrinomicon'?? Aww, honey, it's so cute~~! Let's buy it for little Suzy!!" --Aadroma
 Though hard to tell from this photo, the sideburns on the other side of his face make an 'R.' --Down10
 Ernest was nonplussed. They appeared to be selling books, but there wasn't a capuccino in sight... --The Guinness Drinker
 His image struck a perfect balance, allowing Kevin to move with equal ease amongst intelligentsia and needle freaks. --megafrim

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