IADL #55
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 Somehow, that last jalepeno twinkie altered Dave's body chemistry in bizarre new ways. This was fortunate for Dave's penis, however, as it became a sentient being and took notice of its surroundings for the first time. --Retard
 Spinwebe's newest feature, the foreskin-mounted webcam®! --His Imperial Majesty
 Chompey the wolverine finds something that grabs his attention. --Cheezo
 COOL!! Jax's " Squish! " fatality from Mortal Kombat 3!! --Doc Evil
 WAITAMINNIT! I live in Texas! How the hell did they get a picture of my leg? --Doc Evil
 This AOL fetish site really sucks... --Doc Evil
 Top of the I.R.A.'s Most Wanted Knee List. --GaBBa
 Parsifal, the reconnaissance louse, sent back his first aerial photos. Those who had lobbied to leave the groin would think again. --The Sandman
 The weird thing is that the leg happens to be attached to a cow's forehead. --ThreeSwords Delamitri
 Sure, it's no big deal to us, but to the ants, it's "Return of Godzilla!" --anon
 "Hey! The foot bone really is connected to the leg bone! Neat!" --anon
 Tom looked down with horror. He could have sworn he was wearing clown shoes an hour before. --anon
 Uh... It's a foot! It's just a foot! It seems like there should be some funny captions for this, but quite frankly, I can't think of any! --Tommy
 The Spinnwebe photographer auditions for the staff photographer at Playgirl, but misses the point. --The Lawyer
 The town's answer to Seattle's Space Needle--the Giant Observatory Leg--turned out to be less than a success. --Emil Blovin
 Herman, a second-rate peeping tom at best, discovers to his dismay that the mirror has fallen off his right shoe. --Adam Cadre
 Billy Bob showing some leg. --Michael
 Nipple Server, Knee Server, neither one was all that popular. --Coyote
 Insured by Loyd's of London, $1.57 --Coyote
 Tan shorts, white socks, black shoes - yup, I'm still no danger of being mistaken for "cool." --shred
 The very last picture Mike was able to take before he was completely sucked into the very small black hole. --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 What shall we see tonight dear? "My Left Foot" or "Tootsie?" --txska
 Leg amputees have the best aim. --Don Spudleone
 ....well, I figure if I put a shoe and sock on it, everybody'll just think it's my leg.... --CameraBoy (From "The Graphic Self" Collection)
 Movie poster for an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Telltale Leg" --anon
 Part of my fantasy to rip off SpinnWebe's leg and beat him with it. --SpinnWebe's Competition

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