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 ...Years later it would be known to the world as The Plaid Bathrobe of Turin. --Torc.
 At the Sci Fi convention ball, Jeff couldn't remember if he was supposed to be Arthur Dent or Han Solo --NLEE
 Another mime tries the Invisible glass was in my way so I couldn't mail my taxes excuse with the IRS. --Luther Yonderboy
 From the hit Broadway musical Getting the Paper. --James Howard
 From Act I of "Morning of the Newspaper Deliveries," the fourth in Wagner's lesser-known "Suburbs of the Nibelung" cycle. --Trainman
 "Repent sinners, for thy dot-com options are as dust, and ye shall spend your days of unemployment in robes of shame untill the next wave of e-greed envelopes the land". --Panama
 As Fred walked out the door to get the morning paper, not once did the idea of being eaten by a rampaging T-Rex ever cross his mind. --WacoKid
 Mel hands the Braveheart costume department their notice. --Stoney Grounds
 Mild-mannered George Williamson senses someone nearby with a geometrical problem - so he turns into Graph Paper Man! --Darren
 Don't you hate it when you walk out of your house first thing in the morning to get the paper and you accidently walk smack dab into the middle of a spinnwebe? --dALY
 "Bob, you fuck!" Lisa called from the house. "It comes up every morning!" --Lots42@aol.com
 It's not the bathrobe that bothers me so much as his infernal yodelling. --rudy
 Dear Steve: All right, we know Hooked On Phonics worked for you. Please let the rest of us live in peace. Signed, your next door neighbours. --Nyder
 The East McKimson Community College production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. --CaiKnight
 "How much does Jesus love you? Thiiiis much!" --Ravagin (my, how offensive)
 Today, we replaced Bob's hemherroid cream with extra spicy salsa. Let's see if he notices. --Zach the Conqueror
 We finally got Howie stood up after that steamroller accident, but he was never quite the same again. --megafrim
 Bob's incoherent ravings would have been more impressive if he'd memorized the words. --megafrim
 The "STELLLLLAAAA" scence in "A Streetcar Named Desire" wasn't nearly as popular until they removed the bathrobe and the mullet. --Zach the Conqueror (never seen the movie)
 Suddenly, in homes across the country, four years of accumulated Olestra kicked in all at once. --Mycroft
 No one is safe. The "Hallelujah Chorus" can strike anyone, at any time. --megafrim
 Casual Fridays at ACME Singing Telegrams, Inc. --Robbbbb
 The aliens abduct Phil on his way back from the mailbox in Mars needs coupons! One and a half stars. --Riff
 Frank is the first voted out of the subdivision on "Survivor 3: Suburbia." --Nate-O
 "Jesus, I bring in my mail and drink my coffee in YOUR NAME! Hallellujiah!" Meanwhile, the Lord and Savior of all mankind was trying to figure out a way to politely get Bob to quit worshipping quite so devoutly. --deadcoil (In the name of Jesus......)
 Frank gets so excited picking up the mail that sometimes he does The Wave all by himself. --Weasel
 I stood, frozen, watching as he came out of the woods, the morning paper clutched in his hands. Sensing no threat, he roared a perfunctory challenge and departed. They were beautiful... my Slackers In The Mist. --Nyder
 Edvard Munsch's The GSAT result. --Nyder
 Why people in glass houses should remember where their living room wall is. Throwing stones is the least of their worries. --Mikki
 Deep in the suburbia, Dwayne stood on his hind legs and gave his territorial bark. In the distance, unseen, another suburbanite bark echoed back.... --kitsunesan
 Three days later, somebody at the police department remembered to send round an officer to tell Joe that he could stop freezing now. --Nyder
 Every police cadet had trouble on the firing range deciding if they should shoot pop-up #5. --Torc.
 Although he was happy in the Suburbs with wife Jane, Tarzan found it hard to adjust. --William Wayne Webb
 Once the zombie lawyers were revived, they started their subpoena-serving. --William Wayne Webb
 ... and lo, there shall be a voice in suburbia crying out, "Prepare ye the way of Kinkos." --Helder
 Suddenly, the gerbil woke up. --The Lawyer
 Man, Doctor Who looks worse and worse with each regeneration... --Pog!
 In his declining years, Sean Penn would just bellow and wave his arms at the papparazzi. --McKinney
 Oh my God! I forgot to punch air holes for the platypus! Hey, Mailman, come back! --The Odd
 "See, Lord? I didn't sell it to Lucifer, it's just in hock!" --Phat Cheops
 Suddenly Martin gets the ending of The Crying Game --slibs
 ebay #58934110: L@@K!!! Slacker love doll!!! LIKE NEW!!!! NR!!! --Torc.
 Oil can! --megafrim
 o/` Five ... golden ... rings! o/` Unfortunately, Dan missed his cue. --Helder
 Ever have that dream where you show up for work as an airport ground crewman wearing nothing but your bathrobe? I hate that dream... --Weasel
 In his second year of Chinese Language Correspondence School, Jeff learns that his last take-out receipt includes one order of That's not Chicken and a bowl of Piss in Round-Eye's Wontons. --Torc.
 Eventually, the Greys realized they had forgotten to take their test subject out of stasis. --Telemental
 Dave stupidly goes out to get the paper on the first sunny morning of his new life as a vampire. --Red Zone Camper
 Somewhere, a Voodoo doll just got violated. --slibs
 Dave stupidly goes out to get the paper on the first sunny morning of his new life as a vampire. --Red Zone Camper

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