IADL #58
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 Those hips, those arms, those breasts - and she likes potato chips. Janet Reno had finally found her ideal mate! --Retard
 Dan looked up at the sign with potato spelled correctly. They were mocking him! "Damn this liberally biased supermarket!" he thought. --Greg J
 If that's your attitude, I'll just put you back! The Fritos never laugh at me. --Greg J
 No, this is the potato chip aisle - the tortilla chip aisle is next to the corn chip aisle and across from that little fresh fruit cart. --Keef
 "Hmmm... 'Diahrritos, the first laxative snack!' Damn that Olestra, they've fouled up everything!" --The Turtle
 Most girls stuffed their bra with toilet paper but Janet prefered the jagged feel of broken tortilla chips --BrickBat
 Most people reach for orange juice and protein after donating a couple pints of blood.... but poor Harriet's appetite for chips and juju beans was unwavering! --LivFre
 It's absolutely neccessary I find some chips with ABSOLUTELY NO FAT. I have to keep up my girlish figure! --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 Fran surveyed the situation. Aisles and aisles of snack foods. No men. Large-bosomed companions. Could this be heaven? --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 Sure, there were plenty of bags of chips left. There were even quite a few of that brand left on the shelf. But Dolores wanted that particular bag, so it's really no surprise that twenty minutes later, the bludgeoned, lifeless body of the woman in white was discovered face down in the parking lot. --Adam Cadre
 You'll have a nice, new, warm home in my pants. --Cheezo
 Let the chips fall where they may! BWAH-HAH-HAH-HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! that's funny. --Doc Evil
 WHY is there a snack aisle at Builders Square? --Doc Evil
 The rustling from within the bag could be faintly heard; Chester the Cheetah's plot to off the Keebler Elves was soon to be uncovered. --Don Spudleone
 Gladys, shocked and paralyzed with fear, looks on as her daughter tries to fight off the Evil Bag of Chips. --JJ the Unemployed Computer Geek
 Until Viola gets used to the new geometries that accompany her enhancement surgery, she's going to keep knocking things off shelves. --The Sandman
 It's a dream come true for Martha and Susan, a whole aisle of a supermarket with nothing but potato chips! Oh, the different flavors and textures, sheer ecstacy!!! --Anonywuss
 In mere seconds Bernhard's mistress had maimed his wife, Brenda with a nearby shopping cart. "He's mine," she whispered, "he's mine." --ChoppingBlock
 The flop sequel to "Babies Having Babies": "Old Bags Grabbing Old Bags". --ThreeSwords Delamitri
 Ever since the silicone debacle researchers have been searching tirelessly for acceptable implant substitutes. --Bill Fortier

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