IADL #63
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 Counselor Troi: Where Is She Now? --Ron Denton
 I could be wrong, but don't you need SOMETHING to sell in a store??? --Don Spudleone
 All of my captions seem so insignificant next to Mister Sinister's. I feel ashamed at having reached the lowest common denominator. --Thomas Wilde
 "This, gentlemen, was the last image sent by the MX-14 missle. Obviously, the new Cheeto Homing System is fully functional." --Soil Creep
 While professional athletes are making millions, Santa's elves have to work late-night at Hastings to make ends meet. --Soil Creep
 "If you buy $200 worth of groceries, you get a free ride on the conveyor belt." --Soil Creep
 "...all day walking between here and the mall giggling to himself, with occassional bright flashes coming from his pants. It's just so weird. Shh! Here he comes!" --Soil Creep
 Y'know, some socio-economic theorists postulate that the disadvantaged and impoverished have no sense of value, insisting on expending whatever financial resources that they manage to acquire on miniscule, trivial items -- y'know, existing solely to consume -- rather than on the acquisition of those skills necessary for any ascent in our social hierarchy (i.e. education) or economic infrastructure (i.e. investment). So.. will that be three bags of Doritos and two packages of King Dons today? --Mister Sinister
 Well, where did you think our special sauce came from? --Greg J
 Fuck it! I'm gonna kiss the butcher! --Riff
 Yeah, I agree he has a nice butt; but I'd like you to ring a sale so I can get home tonight! --Emil Blovin
 The time: the stroke of midnight. The place: Phil's Cafeteria. The transaction: classified government documents that would forever change the world. Now, there was proof: the aliens *had* landed. --The Outsider
 "Tell me, how much for that preppy in the window?" --Thomas Wilde
 What Jeremy is doing with his penis off-camera is perhaps best left to the viewer's imagination. --Thomas Wilde
 "Get the tranquilizer gun, Wilma. He's shaking again." --ThreeSwords Delamitri
 Jacob's two grandmothers wondered how long he would talk to his sock puppets. --ThreeSwords Delamitri
 4 captions waiting? What, has no one seen "Clerks"? --ThreeSwords Delamitri
 Hmmm ... never thought about it before, but I guess I'd price him at about $1.99 a pound. --Riff
 A typical moment at the wrap party for Cuckoo's Nest... --The Sandman
 "Y'all!" "Sheeee-- y'all" "Naw! Y'all" Bedulia and Chaveese argue over who should tell the immense white guy he's facing the wrong way. --The Sandman
 The CIA deli is often staffed by the blind to preserve the anonymous identities of our country's most notorious agents like, Rita. --ChoppingBlock
 The diligent scientists worked late into the night, but the secret behind David Hasselhoff's inexplicable superstardom would remain a mystery for at least another day. --anon
 Engrossed in the sight of Ronnie peeing in a coffee cup, Rhonda forgot about her customer --BrickBat
 That's the third time this week you got your pecker caught in your zipper Gus, and I'm not helping you get it out again! --BrickBat

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