IADL #66
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 I'm having Calvin Klein commercial flashbacks! --Matt Morin
 This looks disturbingly like the last known picture of someone. --Thomas Wilde
 Oh, Tina! Our first break in modeling! Designer colostomy bags! --Bill Fortier
 Thanks for defusing the "codpiece" caption opportunity early, SpinnWebe. --Bill Fortier
 This image gives me a warm fuzzy...The image was also kinda fuzzy, now that I think about it... --Doc Evil
 What, no superglue captions yet? I'm shocked! --His Imperial Majesty
 Jan and Marcia Brady finally admit their forbidden love for each other. --Thomas Wilde
 It's time to play Guess How Many Vibrators They Have in Their Bags! --Don Spudleone
 THIS is a disturbing AOL fetish site... --Doc Evil
 Ellen Degeneres... the teen years. --Doc Evil
 "Don't worry - I always shoot these Dysfunctional Life photos out of focus to preserve my subjects anonymity and to avoid lawsuits. Hug tighter now..." --not elsie
 Lesbians *** and *** give each other one last brave hug before being exiled to the Impossible Zone closet for the remainder of the captioning period. --not elsie
 And here we see Svetlana and Darushka demonstrating the Swedish art of twineinarmin, which allows two women to carry three handbags... --The Sandman
 My god! I count five arms, Dr. Lindstrom! --The Sandman
 Francine and Freida huddle together against the onslaught of the nitrous oxide attack sweeping the city. --The Outsider
 Olsen twins... 2005. --Emil Blovin
 "Submitted for your approval... women who love women... your next stop... The Difficult Zone." --Emil Blovin
 Actually, we were kinda hoping you'd hold the camera at crotch-level again. It makes us look taller. --Riff
 What's this? It's centered, well-lit, angled properly, and taken at at eye-level! Is this IADL or did I mistype the URL? --Riff
 The smiling mouths became mouths wailing in pain as the macrame earring entangled itself in a gold and Diamelle hoop. --ChoppingBlock
 Ahhh, geeze Spinwebe...Have you no shame? --Doc Evil
 Tonight on " Sick, Twisted Caption Bait Theatre "... --Doc Evil
 Jim Henson's Thelma and Louise babies. --Doc Evil
 Eunice and Cherry during their Hawaiian honeymoon. --The Lawyer
 Occasionally, after I'd gotten tired of Keane, I liked to pick up white women. --Uncle Roy, Memoirs, Impossible Zone Press 1996 --The Lawyer
 Oh Dolly smile like you've never smiled before! I can't believe it. This guy is a real Hollywood scout! He said that these pictures would get into the proper hands immediately. We'll be known nationwide before you know it! --Coyote
 "...and from our 'Grunge Chick' Collection: Sandy and Autumn. Buy Autumn, take Sandy for just a penny!" --The Editor, "White Slave Trader Magazine"
 Oh, how fucking cute. I said, HAND OVER THE BAGS NOW! --Pastor of Muppets
 Traci Lords: The Early Years. --Pastor of Muppets
 Heather also had Two Sisters. --siren
 I have one hand in my pocket and another around my ho. --siren
 Hookers, Incorporated's employees of the month award. --Pastor of Muppets
 Bob Dole began weeping uncontrollably. It was true, his granddaughter was a lesbian. --Anonywuss
 If they knew where this picture was going to end up, I'm sure they would rather have been naked with a dog. --Don Spudleone
 Cletus and George came back from Sweden with a little more than a few souvenirs. --Don Spudleone
 Yes, Mexico has many fine craftworks: from the beautiful sweaters, to the hand-crafted wristbands, to the handbags with shrunken heads inside stuffed with marijuana. --Don Spudleone
 Yes, with the new Vibro-Bag (tm) you can share your orgasmic glee with not only yourself, but also with friends! --Don Spudleone
 Taking a wild guess at the Difficulty Zone here: let's say, that 'no-so-fresh' feeling. --Thomas Wilde
 I don't want to write a caption and ruin their childlike innocence and excitement. Oh, fuck it-"Do you have a roll of quarters in your pocket, Beth?" --Thomas Wilde
 S.O.S.!!! S.O.S.!!! Help! Anyone who can hear me! This is SpinnWebe! I'm drowning! Repeat, I'm drowning in lesbian captions!! S.O.S.!!! --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 After a long day of stealing purses from Kmart, the girls share a triumphant victory hug. --JayRod tha Damaja
 Melissa is excited to begin her journey as a budding lesbian woman...but she's in for a shock when she discovers that Julie's second bag is covering "her" huge boner. --SpinnWebe

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