IADL #67
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 Alvin P. Geppo III: "Mr. Sexuality" --A.P. Geppo
 Hmm! They didn't get it all out. I hope the Health Department doesn't find out that it's HUMAN blood! --Marty Rotten
 Another reason not to wear recycled couch fabric neckties. --Ron Denton
 With the fall of the Iron Curtain and the death of socialism, Gorbachev was forced to find employment in the private sector. --Greg J
 Milton finds Christ. "Hey, and there's my stapler, too." --Greg J
 I give him about five more minutes before he notices they're using his toupee to scrub the floor. --Thomas Wilde
 Reverting to his "nerd" personailty, Walter returns to fixing the copier, completely unaware that his "psycho" personailty has just bludgeoned several co-workers with a toner cartridge, stuffed them in plastic bags and hid them in the closet behind him. --Matt Morin
 This one's gotta get accepted for sure. Here we go:"oh i wanna fuck oops i like her thingy" Heh heh. --Greg J
 Victor was always giddy on receiving the latest fax from the IADL, until today's picture came across the wire.... --Don Spudleone
 Mr. Holt's seventh period students wait anxiously for the moment when he realizes that the back of his head has been shaved. --Thomas Wilde
 Bil Keane's stunt double, I presume. --Pastor of Muppets
 Well, shit, I'm out of Stoli, guess it's Bacardi today. I guess there is an advantage to being the only one responsible for printer maintainance. --Pastor of Muppets
 Why can't my wife do that? --anon
 Gun-Khara, the bastard brother of Buddha, will grant you years of unsmeared Xerox copies if you appease him by rubbing his head. --Don Spudleone
 Sure, laugh at him now, but he's drinking milk, and some day, he'll get to use the fax machine! --Don Spudleone
 Hair Club For Men. I'm not just the owner's son's boyfriends's aunt's dogwasher's optometrist, I'm also a CLIENT. --ChoppingBlock
 "People just don't understand how hard it is when you're popular," thought Carl. --ChoppingBlock
 Oh Fuck me to tears! SpinnWebe didn't use any of my latest fart, booger or sex captions! --anon
 Hmmmm! I need a new desk. I've completely covered the bottom of this one with nose ham! --BrickBat
 The students knew Prof. Wise had cracked when he began to wear a clear plastic salad bowl for a toupee --BrickBat
 I'll be damned. These satellite scans show the CIS well ahead of us in graham cramming. --Ngoc van Trimble
 Hmmm ... another Dilbert cartoon. I wonder if my officemates are trying to tell me something. --Riff
 Dang tie got caught in the shredder again. What to do, what to do ... --Riff
 Looking at the copy, a lonely business man learns something important: Zeroxing your butt isn't what it's cracked up to be. --Cheezo
 Wait! If PINE stands for PINE Is Not Elm, then what does PINE stand for? --Riff
 Nah, I don't mind, since all the folks who've made fun of my forehead birthmark end up dead. Nope, I don't mind at all... --not elsie
 Dr. Crainiac looks down upon his laser printer with the distain of mastery. --The Sandman
 Phil tries to remember - had be just been hit in the head with an axe? --The Sandman
 Might as well get in the Bill Gates slam while it's still fresh: "Another crate of problems with Windows '95?" --Thomas Wilde
 Rush Limbaugh: before the unfortunate "Twinkie incident". --Don Spudleone
 Enough crack cocaine and you too can look like this strappin' young lad! --Don Spudleone
 Raymond thought nothing of the Chia Camera sitting atop the counter. Little did he know what lay beneath the green exterior! --Don Spudleone
 The man voted "Most Likely to Go Postal Given the Chance". --Don Spudleone
 Hey look gang! It's Charles Nelson Reiley! --Doc Evil
 A patient is shown here perusing our catalog of chin implants. In just 24 hours, after implantation of the "Kirk Douglas" (Chin Implant Catalog Item #1451-B) he'll be the stud he was destined to be. --Dr. Weyo Chin, Maxillofacial Surgeon & Psychic
 Notice how the oversized lenses draw your attention away from Gary's thinning hair and non-existent chin. And his ugly tie, too! --Der Lensenkraaftenwerkers
 Checking the computer logs for his company's web server, Ralph discovers something odd hidden on the hard drives. Something sinister. Something horrifying. Something called...DFC. --The Lawyer
 Matthew pored over the results of the latest battery of tests. Soon, he would give the world a soft drink that captured the glorious taste of ass! --Anonywuss
  an excerpt from the MENSA BeefCake Calendar: Gene loves snowboarding and staring at his desk. --'Lil Thumper
 Dr. Gene Walford, studiously at work pursuing the gene that makes people deliberately try to get on the "stupid" list. --The Outsider

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