IADL #68
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 ValuJet-- Where the stewardesses are also the pilots. --Count Chuckula
 ...and as the plane plummeted to earth bubbles decided to do the macarena one last time... --_^ZERO^_
 There's a bomb on board. The in flight movie is HUDSOn HAWK! --Marty Rotten
 In an effort to increase passengers' confidence, TWA stewardesses go through the aisles warding off evil spirits throughout the flight. --Greg J
 I'm sorry, sir... THAT bottle's for the pilot. --siren
 I got a feeling someone with a digital camera's about to get the business end of the beverage cart. --Thomas Wilde
 I hate it when the stewardess performs dark, unholy rituals in the aisle... --Thomas Wilde
 In case of a crash, Bubbles here is not to be used as a flotation device. Remember that. --Thomas Wilde
 I'll get those first class bastards! --Mr. Boy
 Hey, this is that urban legend where the pasenger calls out "You forgot the coffee," right? --His Imperial Majesty
 Here we see a stewardess demonstrating to the passengers what to do in case of orgasm. --Ron Denton
 Coffee, tea, or a blowjob? (Kids, let this serve as a warning to you, don't try to make up IADL captions at 3 a.m. after your seventh Jolt cola). --Greg J
 Finally fed up with incessant requests for free cans of soda, Marlene smashes the end of a miniature whiskey bottle and prepares for battle! --Don Spudleone
 Airsick? Try some of the medication the stewardess in on! --Don Spudleone
 Okay, let me get this straight. She can move her hands that fast, and yet she leaves the house? What the fuck is wrong with her? --Pierce
 As the meteor made its inexorable way to the main fuel tank it passed through Mrs. Berkowitz's seltzer, which disappeared in a fine white mist. --Ngoc van Trimble
 Emboldened by the success of his modernized Richard III, Ian McKellen attempted to set MacBeth in the cabin of a DC-10, but it never really got off the ground... so to speak. --anon
 OK, that does it. I'm out of coffee, I'm out of tea, there's just ME, dammit! And if I don't get some takers soon, I'm gonna start busting some heads. --Capt. phealy
 Pay no attention to the guy masturbating in the cockpit! --anon
 Fuckin' tourists! I've never seen someone take so many pictures inside a plane before! --anon
 Melissa keeps herself amused in third class by shaking up all the carbonated drinks --BrickBat
 Drink of the true Grail, and you will achieve life everlasting! However, choose the false grail, and your soul will be damned to eternity! Alternately, sir, you could use a plastic cup like everybody else. --not elsie
 Marge always felt it necessary to chalk up her hands before delivering the peanuts. --Riff
 Barbette was eventually let go for playing her "exploding airsick bag" game once too often. --The Sandman
 Ok, who wants some more peanuts?! C'mon, I fucking dare ya! I'll give ya peanuts til ya fucking puke!! --Don Spudleone
 Playing cards, free. Warm towels, free. Hard liquor, extra. Hand jobs, extra. --Don Spudleone
 If you can't figure the seat belt, Rhonda here will come around and slap the living shit out of you because you are a retard. --Don Spudleone
 First class gets the sex kitten; coach gets Paul McCartney in a blonde wig. --Don Spudleone
 There were no monsters on that wing! Man, Shatner and Lithgow are losin' it big time... --Doc Evil
 In this scene, after having successfully plundered a cup of coffee from the cabin, the stewardess is pursued by a giant stone ball. --Soil Creep
 Denise knew not to stare directly into the strange "eye" protruding from the passenger's crotch. To do so would result in her soul being captured, digitized, and somewhat blurred. --anon
 Mr. Jenkins, if you pinch my ass one more time, I'll put on these rubber gloves and show you what "bulkhead decompression" really means! --Matt Morin

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