IADL #73
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 Is that a white mark on the wall, or did this dude just fire somethin' outta his hinder? --Doc Evil
 After the Doom Patrol broke up, Negative Man fell on hard times. --His Imperial Majesty
 It's cool. I only hafta wear the cast til the city settles outta court for that "fall" on the bus. --Wedge
 Give me some change, or I'll date your daughter. --alanon
 What Jesus would have looked like the next day if the Romans had only been a little annoyed with him --BrickBat
 If you can't spare some change, could I at least get a " SPI-DAHH " t-shirt? --Doc Evil
 Hey, you with the camera, I need sixty cents more to get a subway token. I gotta visit my sister in the hospital. Hey, where you goin? My sister gonna die and you want me to walk downtown with a broken leg? Hey, come back here! --His Imperial Majesty
 ...so after this guy takes my picture, it took a whole surgical team to remove my foot from his ass. --Greg J
 Tiny Tim isn't so tiny any more. --Greg J
 My new pit bull and I had some problems, but we're coming to some understandings. --Greg J
 Yeah, for the last goddamned time, my baggy pants fell down on the escalator and I tripped on them, alright? Yeah, ha ha ha." --Retard
 "Moira, honey, just stay in the Seville. You'll be safe in there. They're like bees and wasps. If you ignore them they'll just go away. Make sure he sees the phone." --Ngoc van Trimble
 Not that I don't like how cheap Sears portraits are, but geeesh, could we possibly have picked a crappier background? --Pastor of Muppets
 While the cast was on her leg, Nancy Kerrigan went through some changes. --The Lawyer
 ...so I told 'em "HEY! You kids! You can't spray that shit on my building!"...that's the last thing I remember before waking up in Emergency. --not elsie
 This photo taken shortly before the SpinnWebe photographer reported to the ER with a rectally impacted crutch. --anon
 "Uhm, I just don't think a guy in a cast, with a crutch, and wearing boxers is exactly the spokesperson we had in mind for our new ad campaign." --Jagermeister's Marketing Committee
 Hello, do you remember me? I used to play Isaac on The Love Boat. But for us TV veterans, times are tough. That's why I ask you support the IADL to help washups like me. --Don Spudleone
 Looks like Superfly got a little TNT on his own ass. --Don Spudleone
 The newest fad in gang subterfuge: looking like a wounded duck so they flock to you whilst some dude snaps a picture of the intruder and posts him on the Internet. --Don Spudleone
 "Raul" is sporting the fall line in urban wear this year. A stunning blue striped shorts ensemble with matching crutch and cast. --Don Spudleone
 "Captain! Transporter malfunction! All we're getting is left legs!" --The Sandman
 The Road Warrior goes Southern Californian. --The Sandman
 "And then, ironically, I slipped on the very can of spray paint I used to deface the wall..." --Emil Blovin
 Inner City fashions are so dynamic: first it was gold medallions, then baggy pants. Now it's casts. --Emil Blovin
 Poster for the thrilling upcoming sequel: "Boxzer Shortz in the Hood" --The Outsider
 At odds with both the Crips and the Bloods, the Daisies never stood much of a chance. --The Outsider
 Having already disabled Ken's right leg, the alien ray gun now takes aim at his left. --anon
 Cut! What the hell is this?!? I said I needed CRIPS! As in the gang members you idiot! --Matt Morin
 Like Mike, if I could be like...WHOA! SNAP! --Matt Morin
 The alley behind the American Gladiators studio is often littered with the fallen. --The Sandman

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