IADL #74
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 I am Supergirl!!!! , he says.... do not give him the damn acid, I said... --Garofalo
 And this picture of our wedding party will clearly show you why i want to divorce Larry, Judge, ANY FUCKING QUESTIONS? --Garofalo
 I just went potty like a big boy! --Don Elliott
 Oh dear, Bob is drunk again and thinks he's Julie Andrews.....Bob, the hills are NOT alive! --Don Spudleone
 Stay just like that. The TV's coming in clear as a bell. --Hank The Hoser
 I getting sick of this. Every Saturday night Freddy throws a party and announces his "coming out of the closet". --Hank The Hoser
 It's MAN-MAN! He has all the powers of a man, but he's a...man... --Doc Evil
 Y'know, I think alcohol is the primary factor behind this and the next several panels. Let these be a lesson to us all... --Doc Evil
 It's time to play " Spot the prime candidate for PROZAC "... --Doc Evil
 I am Bungholio! I demand deodorant for my armpitio! --Don Spudleone
 Person Man, Person Man, hit on the head with a frying pan... --His Imperial Majesty
 Look at what's happend to me-ee, I can't belive it myself... --Doc Evil
 Ah Geez, it NEVER fails...Randy downs a couple of Long Island Teas, slaps on that damn costume, and the next thing ya Know, we find him at the IHOP doin' maple shots... --Doc Evil
 Oh, Hell... Mujibur is totally 'faced... --Doc Evil
 The guy in black!!!!!! HE IS POSESSED BY THE DEVIL!! DO NOT LOOK INTO THE RED EYES OF SATAN!!! --Duke of Kings
 Stair diving is fun.....but not if you don't clear the low hanging wall. --Duke of Kings
 Agent Scully felt that familiar stirring in her loins every time she stared at the blond alien. --The Lawyer
 Scott had been hired to keep people off of the stairway, and by God he was going to do just that. --The Lawyer
 Hey, wait a minute. Are they laughing with me, or at me? --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 The forces of good triumph yet again as Greatman uses his heat-ray vision to melt the evil Norm Macdonald clone into goo. --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 If I remember my Superfriends cartoons correctly, the guy on the right is having his mind controlled. --His Imperial Majesty
 Hey, look what I found in William Katt's closet! --Greg J
 "Captain Deodorant" shows everybody that he is sure. --Greg J
 Please, please let this man have his pants on.... --Don Spudleone
 Elvis Presley went on the Slimfast plan and he took off the weight. If he can do it, so can you! --Don Spudleone
 Only alcohol can produce such fashion nightmares. Friends don't let friends dress drunk. --Don Spudleone
 Why can't Randy just come down the stairs like everybody else? --Somebody who is sick of Randy's antics
 Everyone will be happy to know that the guy on the stairs had the crap beaten out of him shortly after this photo was taken. --D-Zyn
 Y'know, a keg party just isn't a keg party without a good crucifixion --Riff
 Following the success of "Crowd Surfing", "Crowd Diving" was not as well-recieved. --Riff
 I am Captionman! Able to clear out parties with a single caption! --Meli O'Girl
 The party took a horrible turn when Self-Deluded Man attemped to demonstrate his "power" of flight. --anonywuss
 This summer at the Brimington Dinner Theare, George Hamilton is: MELANOMAMAN! --The Sandman
 Terry tried to warn Rita of the drooling yahoo closing in on her left, but she was ignoring his festive superhero garb... --Thomas Wilde
 Damn! Uncle Elmer got loose again! Someone get the electric cattle prod! --Matt in the Hat
 Tragically, shortly after this picture was taken, an annoyed guest proved to the world that while Superman may be bullet-proof, this wacko was not. --Matt in the Hat
 Masquerading as porn star "Super-scroat" Tony tried to convince the group his penis was this long. --Matt in the Hat

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