IADL #75
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 Three days before they were scheduled to go on Ricky Lake, Scott and Jim reviewed the Court-TV video of the Jenny Jones trial --beez
 Ever wonder why your wife is always "too tired?" I believe this tape will explain a great deal. I only have one copy, it's on sale today. $3000. --Kim+Patrice
 Lenny & Squiggy: 2099 --Doc Evil
 We just discovered you can RENT these things! And all this time, we've been going into movie theaters with a camcorder! --ZUG
 I'm just so sure that after watching this video of "La Cage a Faux" Brad -in- Plaid will want to update his wardrobe that I could just .. oooow...squeal. --Dave L. Rave
 I have a feeling his demonic grin would be causing me to explore hitherto unknown realms of insanity if not for that tape. Thank you, little videocassette; thank you. --Thomas Wilde
 They became so intoxicated at the Freshman party that what they believed to be an 8 track of Olivia Newton John's TOTALLY HOT album was in reality, just a VHS of Cop & a Half. --ChoppingBlock
 It's aaaaamaaaziiiing what Johnny does after a couple of beers, thank god for videocameras! --Garofalo
 Hahaha! With this surveillance video, I'll finally find out who's been stealing my beer! --Greg J
 Too tired to go out in the cold? Cows too heavily guarded? Well now you can order this Cow-Tipping Video! Great fun for the whole family! --Greg J
 Cute threats, Mr. Kennedy, but this videotape and that beer bottle are going to put you up the river for a long time! --Don Spudleone
 I was going to say that assuming that's a porno tape is wrong, but just look at these two! --Thomas Wilde
 This is "before;" picture #77 is "after." A pretty strong argument against American beer, if you ask me... --Thomas Wilde
 Ok, ok, we're going to give you a choice on what we shove up your ass tonight. Will it be the bottle or the video?? --Don Spudleone
 Y'know, if I looked like a cross between Hugh Grant and Nicholas Cage, I sure as hell wouldn't be smilin'... --Doc Evil
 Fooled you! It's 'Beauty and the Beast' and a bottle of O'Doul's! --The Outsider
 Two words: Butt-Masters! --BrickBat
 It's a bootleg tape of Peter Jennings saying the 'F' word during a commercial. --Jim Ellwanger
 Okay, I can see now why they didn't wanna make that " Beavis & Butt-head " movie live ... --Doc Evil
 Bob here just beat the shit outta Bob Saget! I caught it on tape for the sheer irony of it! --Doc Evil
 This is one WEIRD-ASS ' Mentos ' ad... --Doc Evil
 Tonite on " Difficult Zone Theatre ", porno, Porno, PORNO!!! --Doc Evil
 Uhhh...WHERE is his other hand? (yipes!) --Doc Evil
 While Sam snorted deep the smell of freshly-opened videocassette, Phil got his buzz the traditional way. --Emil Blovin
 "Guess what we did last night after you passed out ... with this very bottle my lovely assistant Steven holds in his hot little haaa-aaaand ..." --Retard
 Bad Business Investments # 47: Frank and Smitty's door-to-door porno sales enterprise. --Greg J
 Check it out, homes! The Sound of Music! That Julie Andrews chick is HOT! --Greg J
 Uh oh. Two guys. A beer bottle. A videotape. There's a difficult zone afoot! --Don Spudleone
 Biff and Roy's "Beer & Video" delivery service still needs some work. --D-Zyn
 We are two Wild and Crazy Guys! --Riff
 Yup; we've got Porno and beer. Tonight, we become men! --Riff
 Quentin Tarrantino and Nicholas Cage score another Hong Kong action film... in only a matter of hours, a "new" screenplay will be born! --The Sandman
 Rusty shows off his "date" for the evening. --Greg J
 Backstage at the Republican National Convention, Keith and Matt prepare to exchange the "Bob Dole - American Hero" tape with "Showgirls - the director's cut." --Matt in the Hat
 Always the life of the party, Ted entertained company by pulling a video tape from his nostril. --Matt in the Hat
 48 hours after showing this tape of President Clinton with a hooker, Steve and Jim were discovered face down in a dumpster with a Barbie doll stuck in their asses. --Matt in the Hat
 "My roommate better keep drinking because he's about to find out what I can do with some ether and a camcorder!" --King Cannibal

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