IADL #76
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 Quick! I got him in the headlights. Now Shoot him --Tony M.
 This Week In The Enquirer!!! The Secret Love Child Of Bullwinkle and Natasha! --not elsie
 My Folks Visited The Set Of Northern Exposure, And All I Got Was This Stupid Hat! --not elsie
 How NOT to "score". --Greg J
 Sometime in the eighteenth hour of the Bullwinkle marathon, Jethro began to sprout antlers. --Hank The Hoser
 No wait!... hold this jar of Ovaltine! Yeah! Ha! Ha! this is gonna' KILL 'em... HooHoo! Awww Shit! this is funny!,... now put on these antlers and get that goofy look on your face ! YEAH! That's It! Snuk! Snuk!Snorrttt! Bob S --BrickBat
 Welcom to the Bullwinkle show, brought to you by our sponsor, Rocky In a Jar. --Xerxes
 I don't give a shit about santa OR his fucking sleigh! It's just me and folgers from now on. -Rudolph --Xerxes
 "Yep, college is cool! Good thing Mr. Limbaugh told me that chicks dig antlers & ragu!" --The boy who never got any --Xerxes
 The Kennedy that the government doesn't want you to know about. --Gloo
 With some Vanilla Ice turned up really loud, a can of instant cheese, and a celebratory six flags souvenier hat, Jed O'Connel was ready for the bachelor lifestyle he'd heard so much about. --XoLo
 The subject reacted oddly to the 50 cc's of Dimetapp, so the project was shut down and the test moron exterminated. --Jerry Swinefilled
 After 60 straight hours of Blossom repeats, this could be anybody. --XoLo
 What you are getting for the money spent on your sons education. --Memnoch the Accuser
 Mmmmmm... Vlassic pickle juice. Pround sponsor of the 1996 Nutsack Olympics! Nummy-nummy-nummy! --Doc Evil
 Rudolf, the Shit-Faced Reindeer... --Doc Evil
 Bobby here ingeniously shows off how you can make a bestiality joke without use of animals! --Don Spudleone
 Let's just get down on our knees and thank the Lord that this man is wearing pants.... --Don Spudleone
 Stunned by the flash of the camera, Deerman was unable to prevent Dr. Venison from escaping... --Emil Blovin
 Birth Control: You decide. --Duke of Kings
 Maybe if I wear some false moose antlers it will distract people from my monstrous eyebrows! --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 The new character on Kids in the Hall, Fallopian Tube Head! --His Imperial Majesty
 What Santa doesn't want you to know about his "Laid back" reindeer. --anon
 IADL hunting fact: Greg is known to shoot anything the resembles a human. Wearing deer antlers might discourage this. --Neo Magus
 "I do not know if I am a dork who dreamt he was a deer or if I am a deer now having a horrible nightmare."--Lao Tzu --Greg J
 Bad Business Investments #93: Snapple's new advertising campaign. --Greg J
 Larry was ready. His antlers were perfecty adjusted, his Heinz Gravy in hand, and his stereo was blasting Barry White. Yep, it was gonna be another Thanksgiving of beer, babes, and waxing his legs. --Mustang Man
 Although Jerry's research on the effects of non-stop Barry Mantilow musak on plants was a huge success, he was tragically overcome by his own experiments when he failed to leave the room. --Wedge
 You know there was a dare involved with this picture. Too bad he had to wear the hat as well as get his ugly mug posted to the Internet. --Don Spudleone
 Yes, slam a V-8, and you too can be as cool as this strapping young lad! --Don Spudleone
 Poster boy for Pro-Choice advocacy. --Don Spudleone
 Don't laugh; this was your cybersex date last night..... --Don Spudleone
 Luke, I am your brother..... --Don Spudleone
 "Bullwinkle Brand" Salsa: Mmmm, good!! --R. Squirrel
 Later this same evening, Jerry woke up in the middle of a rural highway, still wearing the deer helmet, and displaying this very same expression to the driver of the oncoming eighteen-wheeler. --Scrappy
 Whutsamatta U, class of `97. --Riff
 The unexpected side effects of switching your regular coffee with Folgers Crystals. --Riff
 Lessee ... vacant stare, moose hat, coffee can ... this has got to be that "Pan" guy, right? --Riff
 For a change of pace, this guy's gonna write his own captons about you. --Riff
 I say mark him with the red asterik brand ... this schmuck's got "stupid zone" written all over him! --Riff
 Eating instant coffee crystals right from the jar will do that, yep. --The Sandman
 Ladies and gentlemen, behold-the man who makes anyone seem cool. --Thomas Wilde
 "Hi, I'm Alvin Snodgrass, for Colado Pinto Beans." --Thomas Wilde
 The reindeer horns don't bother me. The instant coffee doesn't bother me. But what the hell is all that white shit on his pants??? --Matt in the Hat
 The office x-mas party jammed to a halt when people realized Jim had accidentally been drinking photocopy toner. --Matt in the Hat
 *sniff* Who wants to join in their reindeer games anyway? --Greg J
 Yet another hapless victim of "Charles in Charge" re-runs on the superstation. --Matt in the Hat
 Micheal was one of the world's fastest humans. But that was before he collided with a deer during a training run. --Matt in the Hat
 Hooo boy, I gots me the super-size jar of airplane glue! --King Cannibal
 Budget Aztec vision quest #4: Having quaffed his fourth pint of salsa, AntlerBoy feels the wrath of Huitzilopochtli rumbling deep in his bowels. --Ngoc van Trimble

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