IADL #77
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 Matt and Chris hesitated to tell their frat buddies about their "drinking problem." --The Turtle
 Shocking candid footage taken in the Osmond household. But first, here's Larry with sports. --alanon
 This isn't quite the picture I had in mind when they talk about "kissin' cousins". --Don Spudleone
 "I sanctify thee. O Beer of our revered ancestors, give us courage and strength." --Kim
 " The Great White North: The Next Generation " --Doc Evil
 See the dainty way Robert is holding his beer? He's done this before! --Don Spudleone
 Before the fashion police entered the house murdering both Chris and Edward, getting drunk was their only hope --Garofalo
 One of Menudo's more bizarre initiation rituals. --The Sandman
 Now, which of the twelve steps is this one again? --Greg J
 You'll notice that while Sam is kissing his beer, he's watching Alan's beer the whole time. This relationship is in trouble. --Greg J
 After a long, hard day; Gilbert Gottfreid and Jackie Chan enjoy a cold one... --Doc Evil
 Ah, the sweet nectar of bottled urine! --Hank The Hoser
 All right. In five minutes, I'll be taking bets on where those bottles are going to be spending the next hour. Any takers? --Thomas Wilde
 Kiss your beers goodbye, gentlemen, cuz it's time to die! Hey, I didn't mean literally! --Don Spudleone
 " Hineykiss ": When you wanna suck up to only the HIGHEST quality beer... --Doc Evil
 Honesht to drunk, occifer... we're notsh God! --The Outsider
 Anybody that gets that chubbed up over domestic beer deserves a gut-wrenching, head-splitting, face in the toilet, hangover --BrickBat
 Hey! I'm not homophobic, but these guys are Suds Queers! --BrickBat
 Two more horrified victims of "Candid Bachelor Party". --XoLo
 The lost episode of Full House: Jesse and Danny decide to play "truth or dare". --Phat head
 Reason #23, Why Beer Is Better Than Women: Your beer will always love you. --Don Spudleone
 This picture is going to require years of therapy for me.... --Don Spudleone
 First you cover the bottles in spit, so they're all nice and slippery, then you...HEY!! How did you get in here?! --Ed
 It seemed like the easiest way to get the taste out of their mouths... --Matt in the Hat
 They offered their secret, but I really wasn't interested in a demonstration on how these two inmates smuggled in these beers. --Matt in the Hat
 Dang it! I told you we shouldn't 'a put our lips on cold beer bottles! Now those guys from the fraternity will never let us go drinkin' with 'em again! --Mr. Z
 Okay, so she's an inanimate object, but you gotta admit, she's great in the sack! --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 No no no! You spin the bottle! You kiss the girl! --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 College kids away from home....they miss mommy's dildos. --Duke of Kings
 When synchronized swimmers hit the sauce, wackiness ensues! --Riff
 From The Brady Bunch's cutting-room floor: Greg and Peter discover beer! --Riff
 Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels star in "Drunk and Drunker". --Riff
 They test thier luck in front of the black door of DEATH!!! --Duke of Kings
 One word: girlfriends. --Duke of Kings
 The guy on the left gets into it a little too much with the closing of his eyes. One lonely individual. --Duke of Kings
 MAAK: Mothers Against Alcohol Kissing --Emil Blovin
 Sometimes, Spinnwebe, it's almost too easy. We should be ashamed of ourselves. --Thomas Wilde
 Picture, if you will, two frat boys who have a bit more...enthusiasm...for their brew of choice than is perhaps fitting. These two frat boys are going to wake up, hung over, in...The Stupid Zone. --Thomas Wilde
 If you are real good, I'll show you an easier way to get to the stuff inside. --anon
 Cletus and Clyde weren't hired as the Quality Control Employees at the local brewery. Cletus wouldn't even reject horse piss, while Clyde kept getting the bottle stuck during the sniffing portion of the test. --Pastor of Muppets
 Boy, the Germans have some weird-ass beer customs... --Doc Evil

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