IADL #80
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 " Nobody doesn't like Janet Leigh! " --Doc Evil
 Wowzers! I LOVE MST3K's replacement for Dr. Forrestor! --Doc Evil
 I see someone has found something better to do than kiss the beer bottle! --Don Spudleone
 Although the "pit hair inspection" was phased out of the New York deb season in 1955, some traditions die hard. --The Turtle
 Carol was all smiles and the life of the party. The next day it would be just another hung-over embarrassing trip to the clinic --Phil Good
 Jenny's ultimate goal was to do table dances. But for now, she had to settle for tub dances in the men's bathroom. --Phil Good
 what every man dreams of.....what every woman talks to her shrink about. --jan
 This is why you should never mix Drano and peppermint schnapps. --Jim Ellwanger
 I get it, it must be a wash-and-wear dress! HAHAHAHAHahahmm...Oh fuck it, "pull my finger." --alanon
 Since the "Tickle Me Elmo" is all sold out this Christmas season, the "Tickle Me Brandi" is a very popular seller. --Elmo's Fire
 Thank you. Thanks for the applause! For my next act, I will pose in the kitchen. Is there ANYTHING men won't look at? --Patrice + Kim
 "That's a great idea, honey, but I think I'll call it 'Atlas Shrugged' instead." --Ayn Rand
 Motel 6 has introduced a popular new feature in all of its rooms: The Interactive Shower Curtain. --Sauk Hawk
 So that's what's behind curtain number 3! --Mo
 Muffy has come a long way from her days as a cheerleader. --melonhead
 It was at this point that Bob the plumber realized that Mrs. Miller wanted something other than her tub drain snaked... --Emil Blovin
 "...a brand new shower! Contestants, start your bidding!" --XoLo
 The vixen began the seductive "Shower Dance" which, according to rumor, could turn ANY gay man straight. --Xerxes
 Why??? --Duke of Kings
 I dearly hope her boyfriend dosen't see this...THEN TRACK US ALL DOWN!!! --Doc Evil
 ...I choose YOU, Sonya Blade! --Doc Evil
 WHOA-HO-HO, it looks like I hit the wrong bookmark! --Greg J
 This is the first scene from that movie in picture #75. --Greg J
 I have to admit, I like the new look for Scrubbing Bubbles. Very hot, very now! --Thomas Wilde
 "Watch me dance! My friends are stealin your car right now." --Atrixa X
 Kelly's dreams of exotic dancing were simply not meant to be. --Thomas Wilde
 Hey, how did SpinnWebe take a picture of my wet dream? --His Imperial Majesty
 Carol Merril keeping in practice in her Tarzana home. --The Sandman
 Francine begins the complicated series of movements that will allow her to weigh her genatalia. --The Sandman
 She shimmies! She shakes! She soaks up your seeps! She's Sharona, The Pipelaying Queen! --not elsie
 i've mentally undressed you. i'm trying not to bust out laughing. --jan
 A little more knee, baby, and this one will make Hustler for sure! --The Lawyer
 Trina was extremely happy to move out of the trailer park and into the big city. --The Lawyer
 Next on Americas Most Wanted: Girls who like guys who like guys who are attacked by girls in the bathrooms of parties. --ChoppingBlock
 Well there's the problem with your pipes, man. You've got shower fairies... --Don Spudleone
 Sure, the one time someone's got pants on..... --Don Spudleone
 The improvement of soap-on-a-rope: chick on a curtain. --Don Spudleone
 Whoah, Bob, you're right! That dress really DOES make you look like a man! --Don Spudleone
 Goodbye soapscum, hello Donna! --Don Spudleone
 Tonite on " Psycho Caption-Bait Theatre "... --Doc Evil
 Alright, these douche commercials are just getting way outta hand these days! --Matt in the Hat
 Although he did walk away with a year's supply of Turtle Wax, Ernie was bummed he didn't choose door number 2. --Matt in the Hat
 Mom always went to extremes trying to catch me masturbating in the shower. --Matt in the Hat
 Practicing everywhere is what makes U.S. Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller great. --Matt in the Hat
 "Um, like, help? or something?" --Xaroth
 Who says vampires can't cross running water? --Riff
 When masochists visit the Bates Motel --Riff
 What I'd really like to see is the pictures they took a half-hour later. --Riff
 To save on production costs, it was decided to film Showgirls II in the director's bathroom. --Riff

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