IADL #82
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 This episod eof "Cab Alamo: Fraternity Psychiatrist" has been brought to you by KTSB, your station for the *best* in formerly-alternative top-40 pop. --Ms. Tree
 Boo hoo, hoo! That's so sad Brad......why did Charlotte have to die? Why can't you ever read me some nice stories? (Sniff !) --kafka
 Donny and Joe mugged and posed, blissfully unaware that their deaths were hurtling towards them in the form of a red car barreling across the beach, pointing directly at their sliding glass door. --anon
 ...Okay, everytime the scientist hero shows up, Tom Servo will make a crack about William Shatner! Trace? Frank? You guys listening? --anon
 Roomate - Nausiate - Have no date? - Masturbate! --Doc Evil
 Wil Wheaton. 'Nuff Said! --Doc Evil
 Sure I'm studying, but I'm drinking milk! And someday I'll actually pass that test! --Don Spudleone
 Day 128 of the experiment: the potato is still growing. It is starting to wear my clothes, and this morning asked me for a beer. --Greg J
 Before you judge us, please note: 1) nobody has antlers; 2) nobody is dressed as a super-hero; 3) nobody has a bedpan on their head; 4) nobody is kissing a beer or holding a porno tape; 5) you should see what's in our shower! --Greg J
 For obvious reasons, this was rejected as the Latverian national flag. --Greg J
 Despite being trapped in the purple crushing torture room of death, Joe keeps a friendly, upbeat attitude. --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 We may look like regular straight-laced college students, but in a few hours, we'll be kissing beers! --Emil Blovin
 College memories: roommates Rush Limbaugh and Dan Quayle cram for a spelling final between bong hits. --Greg J
 Losers the Movie; now available letterboxed. --Prune Danish
 The REAL reason why the Death Star blew up: these chumps were the ones piloting the damned thing! --Don Spudleone
 Hey, Joe, what's that book you're "reading"? And where's that other hand of yours, hmmmmm? --Don Spudleone
 These aren't dorm rats! There's not one pizza box showing or a rug on fire! Frauds! --Don Spudleone
 Doctor, is it okay to have sexual attraction towards the squirrels in my yard? All I can dream about is sticks and acorns. --Cosmo
 You finished putting that eye back in yet? --Jeremy Henty
 The team trainer and the star forward for the University of Texas Longhorn cocksucking team relax before an important meet. --The Lawyer
 Gosh fellows, college life is sure swell! Where's the fuckin' beer! --The Most Rev. Holy-Oley
 Although his studies left little time for hobbies, Bradley nursed the occasional wounded manatee back to health. --Dr. Chatterjee
 In this scene from "Cab Alamo, Fraternity Psychiatrist", Cab tries to keep a straight face while convincing a delusional slob that wearing a shirt from the Athletic Dept. is fooling no one. --not elsie
 Not even letterboxing could help this "Intro to the Art of Film" final project. --anonywuss
 While he didn't remember drinking anything out of the ordinary, Gator lays on the bed and tries to figure out why his vomit is glowing white. --Matt in the Hat
 Somewhere in America, Reindeer Boy is breathing a deep sigh of relief. --Matt in the Hat
 I was planning to committ suicide, but now I know I'm not as bad off as I could be. --Matt in the Hat
 Chris is especially proud of his latest kill, as he flips through his scrapbook of death for a blank page to tape the victims eyes to. --dandelion
 Hi, Mom, it's Timmy! That's Brad. We're getting married! --UnkaJimmy

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