IADL #85
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Scan supplied by Pastor of Muppets

 "Hey, is there a cat food that will help maintain my cat's urinary tract health?" --Lovedog
 Wesley Crusher's less intelligent brother, Lincoln. --Doc Evil
 The Ernie Douglas wax figure is not one of the more popular exhibits at 'Uncle Charlie's Leather Bar' --BrickBat
 Funny lookin' people? I think you mean the people next door.... --Don Spudleone
 That "Hey, Vern" guy? He's down the street. I'm "Hey, Virgil". --Don Spudleone
 Ed forgot to bring his gun to the bank, but he was committed nonetheless. --Greg J
 Damn, not another one! Where are these chicks getting all these lead-lined dresses? These x-ray specks are useless! --Greg J
 Bill Gate demonstrates the new "Microsoft Office Light Switch" to a crowd of virtually no one. --The Sandman
 Aww, Mr. Peabody...Why didn't you lick yourself BEFORE we used the WABAC? --Doc Evil
 Hey You! Yeah, * YOU! * If yer not gonna buy the damn comic, Put it back in th' bag! --Doc Evil
 Here we see the common marks of the mouth-breathing species: thick glasses, poor posture, a bad haircut, effeminate watch, and a sign taped to the back. --Ron Denton
 "Hey everybody, Look over here! Father Tyrone and little Jimmie is doin' somethin' weird!" --Xhim-X
 Ralph is stunned to learn that he won the k.d. lang lookalike contest. --The Lawyer
 Mort resolved to test his theory that if you ask the first hundred people who walk by, one of them will pull your finger. --The Lawyer
 Hey, what about my free copy of The Watchtower? --The Lawyer
 Send me email to bet on how many "pull my finger" captions wind up in the red asterisk. --His Imperial Majesty
 Again with the finger! --His Imperial Majesty
 My (admittedly low) morals preclude me from kicking someone when they're down. --Matt in the Hat
 Reluctantly, Jim shows the investigator where the bad man "touched" him. --Greg J
 Hey, what the fuck are you doing? Those Trix are for kids, damnit! --Greg J
 I'm not going out there again - it's dangerous! On my way here from the party, at least three guys kicked me in the butt! You'd think there was a sign on my back or somethin'... --not elsie
 The female impersonator of Billie Jean King became angry when he was edged out of LaCage by a B-rate Cher. --ChoppingBlock
 Nervous about performing in public, Jack practices "Pull my finger" in front of the mirror. --Emil Blovin
 Hey, Mr. Reubens, put that back in your pants and get outta my theater! --Don Spudleone
 I told you kids to stop running with scissors! Don't make me point harder! --Don Spudleone
 Roger saw how they cram all that graham! --Don Spudleone
 Bobby here was mated with an Irish Setter....we hope that his kids will be as good as pointers as he was.... --Don Spudleone
 Gamara shall save us! He is the friend of all children! --Riff

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