IADL #87
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Scan supplied by Pastor of Muppets

 Left hand green! Right foot blue! Aw, shit... --Doc Evil
 This aborted baby continued to grow in the lab dumpster. --anon
 I thought Maplethorpe only worked in black-and-white. --His Imperial Majesty
 New from Mattel: Sonny Bono in a Box! (some assembly required) --Greg J
 Yeah, I'll get up in a minute, just let me put my face on. Wait, this isn't mine! --Greg J
 The tremendous growth in the numbers of transplants soon led to a relaxing of the standards for storing spare body parts. --SaukHawk
 Either there's three arms in this picture, or somebody's got a promising career in the porno industry. --Don Spudleone
 Is this a body cavity search gone awry? --Don Spudleone
 Man, gynecological exams sure bring in the skanky women. --Don Spudleone
 Everyone's had a hangover like this, haven't we? --Don Spudleone
 The shame of genital herpes. --Don Spudleone
 Early experiments in transporter beam technology often yielded humorous results. --Kimera
 Man, this photo would give Picasso nightmares... --Emil Blovin
 Tonight on " What the #%^$# Theatre "... --Doc Evil
 Ooooooh...Tickle me again, Elmo... --Doc Evil
 Bob, I know you're clean, but does the turtle have a condom on? --Matt in the Hat
 Wouldn't it be more appropriate to send this shot to the Weekly World News? --Riff
 Yeesh. During finals week, everybody just let themselves go. --Riff
 I'll bet this guy was pretty steamed you didn't give him a quarter! --Riff
 Soixante-neuf, Trenton style. --The Lawyer
 Backstage at the Village People reunion concert. --The Lawyer
 Jenny would soon be kicked out of medical school for falling in love with the cadavers. --Christina

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