IADL #89
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Scan supplied by Pastor of Muppets

 Ludwig rules!!! Play th' Ninth! Da-DA-Da-Duuuum!!! Everybody, Air Violin! --Doc Evil
 Hey, is this the episode of ' Gilligan's Island ' where the Castaways make that musical version of " Hamlet "? --Doc Evil
 The colostomy tent at the Renaissance Faire was always the most popular.... --Don Spudleone
 " Love: Arthurian Style " --Doc Evil
 Fellinipalooza! --Wally
 In the former Soviet Union, special gulags were set aside to contain the entire country's population of Renaissance Faire goons. Amnesty International, in an unusual move, commended the Soviet government for "rounding these goons up, once and for all". -- Ye Olde Renaissance Faires Suck Ye Olde Dogge Farts
 Somewhere in this picture you'll find: a) a polyhydra die b) a YES album c) a C++ manual d) a paperback copy of Cat's Cradle e) an Amiga user f) a very bad tattoo with a Runic motif on a very skinny pale arm -- Highlights For Children
 Drizzle-Dreezzle-Drozzle-Drome! Time for these geeks to go home! --Doc Evil
 Tonite wer'e gonna party like it's 1399!!! --Doc Evil
 When I was young, Renaissance Fairs had nothing but naked women at 'em and we liked it that way! Damn kids today.... --Don Spudleone
 Wet chainmail competitions just don't have the flair as the modern-day counterparts do. --Don Spudleone
 Burger King begins to take its new restaurant openings a bit too seriously. --Bill Fortier
 The Los Angeles schools accept the new dress code with remarkable enthusiasm. --Bill Fortier
 "WE'RE HERE! WE'RE...uh...GOOFY! WE'RE IN YOUR FACE!" --Kim and Patrice
 Everyone appears to have their pants on, and there is a scantily-clad woman in the foreground. The weird guy in the top hat made you lose points however. I give this picture an 8.5. --alanon
 Okay, Mystana the elf warrior-wizard reads the scroll and she, the bard, cleric and mage are transported to a strange land. In front of you is a man in strange clothes holding a gem he looks at you through. He starts giggling, and there is a flash from the object he holds. Please roll for initiative. --alanon
 Frank smiled to himself. "Hey," he thought. "This guy really thinks I'm a woman!" --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 Bring forth the busty, virgin sacrifices! It's good to be the King! --Don Spudleone
 (Headline)- Washington, DC- Thousands of "terminally ill" convene to protest Administration decision to forbid medical use of marijuana --Atrixagon+Kimera
 Friends don't let friends join SCA. --Anonywuss
 After this scene was shot, Spielberg changed his mind about the renfair setting for Close Encounters... --The Sandman
 Why is it that nobody dresses like a peasant for an SCA get-together? --Emil Blovin
 Okay people, who's here for the ' Highlander ' & ' Forever Knight ' flashback auditions? --Doc Evil
 Wherefore art Waldo? --Doc Evil
 Yo, check me out, I got the Xena look-alike. What is that butt-ugly thing you're with? --anon
 A witch! A witch! Burn her!! --Riff
 Wow! The graphics in the latest King's Quest game are amazing! --Riff
 Wow. And I thought modern bondage gear looked freaky! --Riff
 Some of the things that people do when they don't have an Internet account. --The Lawyer
 i suddenly found myself teleported to merry olde england.......surrounded by people screaming "burn the witch!". --dogvomit
 Does the phrase, "Electro Shock Therapy" seem appropriate right about now? --Christina

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