IADL #90
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 Magneto's first car, before he learned to control his powers. --Greg J
 I am NOT! letting that man get at my ass again!!!! --SL/-\YER
 Hey! He's wearing those power sneakers from " Back to the Future part II "! --Doc Evil
 Are you sure we can't find some OTHER way to make that ticket go away, officer? --Sophist
 I cam shammy with my hinder! --Doc Evil
 " Knightrider "...A shadowy flank in the world of a man whose motor skils do not exist... --Doc Evil
 Car? (looks right, looks left) WHAT car? --anon
 dammit bitch, i said i'm fine to drive! now shut up and help me find the car. --dogvomit
 "Hey Rocky, watch me pull a Chrysler out of my ass!" --The Most Rev.HolyOley
 Wally refused to stop for "squeegee guys." --The Most Rev.HolyOley
 "Night Rider: A Love Story" --anon
 Little Dork Riding Hood. --Doc Evil
 Thought you could ditch me that easy, eh Hasslehoff!? --Doc Evil
 Rover! Stop the car now! Bad dog! Bad dog! --Riff
 A young T.J. Hooker practices his hood-riding tecnique --Riff
 You stupid birds ain't gonna mess up my shine today! --Riff
 One of the many techniques you'll learn at the Elmo Hickey School of Insurance Fraud. --Bill Fortier
 Autochiropracty. --Bill Fortier
 Emil's desire to be a bra manifested itself in subtle ways. --Bill Fortier
 Ford Motor Company fell on hard times, and could no longer afford the busty babes in bikinis to show off its new models. --Emil Blovin
 You too can be a part of this picture! Just pay half the lease and I'll throw myself in for free. --Kim+Patrice
 Even if Joe couldn't drive his new car, what with not having any muscle control except in his neck, he still had a good time picking up chicks. --Stdheev
 Vinnie tests out his new "shammy shirt" --Riff
 Is it just me, or are the mosquitoes getting bigger every year? --Greg J
 This long-lost frame from the Zapruder film clearly proves that Kennedy was blown all the way into 1997 by the force of the last bullet. --The Lawyer
 Over summer vacation, Ralph would hire himself out as a parking brake. --Riff
 Street people are just so damned hard to clean off your car after you hit 'em, ya know? --Don Spudleone
 The 'scareman' worked well with country folk, but city thieves didn't really give a damn, and stole the car anyway. --Don Spudleone
 Car by Chrysler. Man by drunk, hippy couple. --Don Spudleone
 The hospital didn't tell Joe that the steel plate in his head was a magnet. --Laurie O.

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