IADL #92
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 FIsh again??!! I thought Tuesday was Meat Loaf and Tater-Tots day ! ! --Rik Landis
 Duh,OK Monty,if I don't want this, how's about what's behind Porta potty door # 1 --Dupa Dave
 Will paint happy little trees for food. --alanon
 Finally, one of those SCA guys got the costume right! --Greg J
 Home Improvement wasn't quite the same after Wilson stepped out from behind the fence. --The Simian
  Hi I'm Bob and I'll be your escort for the night... --dedted
 Aw man, we have to let him in the race. He brouhgt his own potato sack and everything --The Sandman
 "Next, on Unsolved Mysteries, a possible explanation for the whereabouts of the late Andy Warhol's wig..." --Aunt Cake
 What really happened to Dr. Forrester. --Doc Evil
 Harv reacts to the wine. It was light and fruity but a bit pretentious. --Christina
 Hey, Cheech, man! What, you just forget about your friends when you get a series with Don Johnson? Cheech? --Greg J
 Had Woody gone straight to the police this never would have happened. --Don Spudleone
 Nobody likes an anal probe.... --Don Spudleone
 "Well, well, well...I think I found Vanilla Ice." --Thomas Wilde
 Einstein -- the college years --Don Spudleone
 Lick your leg for a nickle, lady? --The Most Rev. HolyOley
 He's reachin' in his pants for your complimentary ' Crazy Bread '! Ruuuuuunn!!! --Doc Evil
 The second time around, Newt's ethics-violations punishment was a tad more severe... --Geoduck
 Pauly Shore, 2033. --Greg J
 Ah, the glamour of undercover work! --The Lawyer
 Bob Dole took the loss to Clinton much harder than anyone predicted. --The Lawyer
 Aw cripes...Not another Ck1 commercial! --Doc Evil
 I would never have the balls to photograph a MOBILE homeless guy. --Bippy
 ex-monkey peter tork did not invest well. --dogvomit
 "give me a dollar or i'll show you what i had for lunch". --dogvomit
 When Dad showed up at graduation, I was understandably embarrased. --Anonywuss
 Don't eat the brown acid! --Don Spudleone
 Man, I realize Nick Nolte needs to get into character, but Down and Out in Beverly Hills was YEARS ago.... --Don Spudleone
 Former CEO of Netscape Communications, Marc Andreessen, learned about going against Bill Gates the hard way. --Don Spudleone
 The bank said he wasn't "economically viable". I think the only thing viable about him is the pubic lice. --Don Spudleone
 Some days, it's just really hard getting out of bed..... --Don Spudleone
 The really sad thing is that some people will pay to see guys like this. --His Imperial Majesty
 It's... --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 Bring out your dead! --Riff
 Scream out for bread! --Riff
 Clean out your head! --Riff
 Fling out your sled! --anon
 Ream out your shed! --anon

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