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 Would you believe everybody's first name is Billy? --Rotgut
 .... which brings the number of teeth in the Clampton family to seven. --Pastor of Muppets
 The Democratic front-runner for the 2000 Presidential election. --Pastor of Muppets
 The perils of inbreeding- one gene pool could create such a fine beast as Wilbur and the hideous monstrosity that was Uncle Earl. --GreatCthulhu
 ...and the real tragedy in this picture is that only one of these bred true. --Orrin Bloquy
 "Please, Prince of Darkness, just one shot for the folks back home?" "Okay, just one..." Eternal hellfire and damnation was one thing, but the endless tourists from Duluth really chapped Lucifer's ass. --Orrin Bloquy
 Reason #45 why I don't believe in pre-arranged marriages. --agm
 Go back to Hoth, and take your tauntaun, too! --crispy (or however the hell you spell tauntaun)
 I'm still frightened by the thought that this is actually hanging above someone's fireplace. --Mr. ?
 Leroy squeezes Laura's shoulder, Laura caresses Helen's arm, Helen plays footsie with Julia, Julie holds hands with Clara. They're sick, but at least they're not fucking around with the llama. --for(;;);
 Beatles Trivia #431: This rejected early draft of the Sgt. Pepper album cover shows, among others, Paul's great-aunt Rita (inspiration of 'Lovely Rita'), and George's pet llama, Sri Mahavarata Llamajitarita. --king Catherine the Transvestite
 Oddly the lady in the red hat won the spitting contest. --"Bob"
 Ron Jeremy took a sip of whisky from his flask and wiped the sweat from his brow. Truly, this would be his toughest assignment. --Pete
 "Relax," Cletus said. "That thar's an in-flatable goat." Strangely, his attempt at reassurance caused me even more terror..... --The Enigma
 Yeah, the sheep would be in there, too....but someone had to take the picture. --The Enigma
 While everybody feigned a smile, Bob slowly slid his hand over to Toppy the Goat.....quickly, their smiles became oh so very real. --The Enigma
 "You got your acid in my Geritol!" "You got your Geritol in my acid!" --RipperJak
 It was a fanboy frenzy when Jar Jar Binks and Aunt Beru showed up at Toys R Us at midnight. Now the Smith family got to feel like they "went Hollywood." --Gub Runner #2
 These mixed marriages keep screwing up my West Virginia genealogy project! --crispy
 They're all smiling, because they know they have two jars of peanut butter and one hungry long-tongued llama for afterward... --Leth
 Thank God somebody took the trouble to Photostop these people's clothes back on. --Horselover Fat
 "Roger, dear," said Aunt Helga, through clenched teeth, "Take the damn picture. Goats can't smile." --Horselover Fat
 Cast photo from A Midsummer's Nightmare. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 "Oh sure," he thought, "I can climb up a 60 degree incline with a full pack; numnuts next to me can't drive a stick, and I'm the one who's tethered!" --Bill
 Mormanism. The appeal: multiple wives. The drawback: here's what they look like. --Marlboro
 Is this supposed to be pornographic? Because... I'm very aroused. --Monkeyglow
 The five claimants came to settle, once and for all, who is the true reincarnation of Catherine the Great. --Ken
 I'll tell you one thing - this picture isn't priceless. No, I'll give you $2.50 if you'll take it down right now. --The Enigma
 The Fudpucker family couldn't afford to go to Disneyland so they went down to Buford's Livestock Funland to visit Nibbles the Wonder Goat. --I am Kirok
 How to tell if your family tree is in need of serious trimming. --Mr. ?
 I don't get this; where's the backwards-speaking dwarf? --Shifter
 Guess which one gives the most milk! --narcoleptic
 The writers for Beverly Hills, 90210. --Phat Cheops
 And people still wondered why cameras were banned from the Kennedy compound. --Opie
 The scary thing is this picture is still more normal than the "Dungeons and Dragons" club picture in my 1985 yearbook --Opie
 The family were all smiles, until they learned Nana Agnes had left the farm to the llama. --Sean Q
 Well, the least they could do is include Snuffy in the Christmas photo, after all, he was the one who filled out all the complicated government farm-subsidizing forms and did the taxes every year... --Tillman
 Seems everyone but the llama is having a gay old time. --Boopy
 And this, kiddies, this is the reason for Louis Farrakhan. --happy me
 This is one of the reasons I support state-sponsored *mandatory* abortion. --Anonymous Primal (bastard mode!)
 With one hand, Rosemary caressed her abdomen, pregnant with child. With her other hand, she held the pentacle-shaped herbal necklace she had been given. There's just something I don't trust about these neighbors, she thought. --for(;;);
 Sure, they had seen better days. Maybe they weren't as agressive as they used to be, as cutting edge as they used to be. Maybe they were getting a little older. Maybe they had to hire trained animals to protect themselves. Maybe James Hetfield had grown grey hair, man-teats, and carried a purse. But Metallica would rock forever. Metallica would rock forever. --for(;;);
 Michael Jackson and family, 2050. Guess which one is him! --Mr. Me
 But everyone agreed that the first Scottish Parliament fairly represented the constituency. --Orrin MacBloquy
 "Kids shooting kids in high schools. Porn rampant on the Internet. Llamas raising familes and stealing good factory jobs from human Americans. If Pat Robertson was President, these kind of immoral shinanigans would stop right now!" Paid for by the committee to elect Pat Robertson... --Tillman
 "Okay, wait. Astaroth wasn't smiling. Come on, your demon friends aren't going to make fun of you." --Magus
 Oh those silly Mormons! Multiple wives are old hat, but marrying a goat takes some balls! --HoeCake
 I don't care if it can sing the goddamn national anthem, nobody takes off the muzzle until we get the taser back from the shop. --Parallax
 Over the years, pagan goat-worship cults have broadened their membership base by offering quilting bees and Bingo night -- mutantdog
 Little Bobbie Sue knew she didn't want to be like the rest of her family, so she was always careful to wear her encounter suit when spending time with them. --Annna
 When IADL pictures start reminding you of your family, it's time to go home. --flodnak
 If I go to hell, the devil's gonna lead me to a room, open the door for eternal punishment, and this is what I'll see. --Crack Baby
 Still, not as bad as the Rennaissance Faire pics where all six are dressed as lusty wenches. --A Grouch
 If masturbation makes you go blind, the glasses tell me who's getting laid! --crispy
 "Come on! Everybody now! E I E I E I O! Ride the llama's dirty pole!" After that outburst, the family realized they would have to up Gramma's meds. --Boopy
 How many vodka shots did I have to see all of them to appear as gorgeous women? --Mr. ?
 Well, Steve, you picked Door Number 3. Let's see what you've won... --Ken

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