IADL #290
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 "We are now being lifted off the ground by an enormous, terrible, frightening monster which will most likely play with us and eat us. Thank you for choosing the rush hour bus to.... --Magus
 The Pirate Ship ride from six flags is now letterboxed for your home television set. --LadyJ
 Why women don't take public transportation. --Treb
 A still photo from the new movie Deliverance II: The Metro. --Treb
 The Valu-Jet exhibit was a big success at EuroDisney's new GotterdammerungLand --mutantdog
 Being Eduardo's first "trip", he desperately tried to stay focused on reality as the bright street light caused the bus to roll incessantly as it followed eerily outside the window. --chromepaperclip
 A camera! Slowly, musn't over react. Slowly must make bunny ears on Mike's head before the picture is taken. --Mr. ?
 Greg's Thoughts: "Oh my god! We're being abducted by aliens! What are they going to do to us?" Bob's Thoughts: "You know, I really like vanilla." --Magus
 "Daaaang. Gamera's beating the crap out of Monster Zero out there." --RipperJak
 Born too late for "Duck and Cover", Jody and Reb were unable to save themselves when they first noticed the atomic blast. --Generik
 Though riders seemed calm ,the MTA's new Tilt-a-Whirl Express Train Program died a quick death. --odbo
 Fred could never keep his life in balance. Right now, the Boring Security Guard personality had ascendance over the Hip But Sensitive Drug Dealer. --Stealth
 See the movie Keifer Sutherland and Ben Affleck put on 400 lbs. for! --phil
 "Thank you for choosing the non-stop rush hour tram to hell. We will be arriving at your place of eternal torture and pain shortly. --Magus
 Jim felt like a has-been. After that stint he did in the movie "Powder", his life had really gone no where. --Marlboro
 After realising his mistake on the way to work, Greg slowly took off his wife's spikes. --Mr. ?
 Goofus stares impatiently out the window. Gallant achieves higher consciousness. --Jenn Dolari
 Same planet, different worlds. --anon
 Jack insisted on facing the wrong way for the moon shot. "Stupid cueball," thought Dr. Perez. "I just hope they don't expect me to clean up his vital organs." --Emil Blovin
 The New Yorkers were amazingly calm when Godzilla lifted the MTA off the track and hurled it toward the sun. --RipperJak
 "Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for choosing America West. We would like to ask that you keep your seatbelt fastened, except for the two portly gentlemen in the back, who the captain requests that they move up front so he can level the aircraft and we can start beverage service. Thank you. --Tillman
 Like two really big ships passing in the night, Frank and Dan tried not to look at one another, but it was love at first sight. Who would make the first move? Tragically, the subway did, rearing up like a stallion and sending poor Frank to the last car at 50 g's... --Tillman
 Outside the charred city glowed from an Iraqi nuclear attack, and the bus was now travelling up a 70 degree angle, but Rod and Stu were too busy avoiding eye contact to notice. --the skyclad answer
 I just hate it when the guy next to me on a bus achieves "Quickening." --Mr Yummy Pants
 ... or, for the terminally lazy, we have the Tramway to Heaven.... --St. Heckler
 Ned and Ted volunteer for a new study on nausea. --Ratman
 "See, I told ya that Sandra Bullock bitch couldn't drive for shit." --Mousie Tongue
 IADL FUN FACT #56.....before going on the internet Spinn used to operate the cameras during the villian scenes on the highly popular BATMANŽ television series. --Waldo

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