IADL #180
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 They stared at the fire, fueled partially by the burning flesh of the infidels. This would be but a warning to the others that would dare oppose their rule... --Crisis
 Merlot the Bewildered's spell of puzzlement back-fires, affecting him and several passers-by. --DieLifeDie
 The Duchy of Fenwick's highest honor: The Medal of the Pondering Geek. --DieLifeDie
 The Ren virus spread through the crowd silently. Soon everyone was wearing a silly hat or sporting a dagger. The CDC had the whole area firebombed 24 hours later. --DieLifeDie
 Poor Murray was in the line of fire of Hilda's 'silent screamer'. --Heath
 In Appalachia, ménâges-a-trois are steeped in ritual and tradition. --Heath
 Any woman who wears a skunk as a deodorizer frightens me. --Heath
 Peter, Paul and Mary ponder the inevitable career change. --The Interrupting Cow
 HAHA!!! I didn't say `Simon Says'... Granny WINS! --trashman
 First, they burned their bras so their boobs would sag sooner, then the leg shaving stopped, and now beer-belly encouragement! Damn Berkeley dykes are gettin' outta hand . . . . --phonsux
 Gertrude is disqualified just as the goatee stroking contest begins . . . . --phonsux
 It's really saddening to see how aging D&Ders end up. case in point: The lady in the middle forgot that clerics don't use knives 'cause of the blood letting thing . . . pathetic, ain't it? --phonsux
 It seems Reynaldo has just had an idea, but doesn't quite know what a lightbulb looks like. --Riff
 Hmmm ... Wizard Dumb and Wizard Dumber. --Riff
 Everyone averted their eyes from the wizard's cucumber. --Big ol' Bob
 As the mighty starship descended upon the 43rd annual rennaissance festival, susan knew it was time to return the extremely dangerous colostomy bag of Alpha Centauri she had stolen so many years ago. --Bezuh?
 Forsooth, yonder lady doth resemble both a male and gigantic ripe plum! Gazooks! --Colin
 Hmmm...one of thoes big, fat turkey legs, or "Ye Olde Bran Muffin"? --Colostomy Man
 Sadly, the three muskateers learned to accept cross dressing. --Johnny Raz
 Irma felt her stiffening nipples press against the voilet fabric of her dress as she experienced the tender carress of the midget she had stuffed into the belly of her dress. --Marlboro
 "If you're goofy and you know it, tug your chin! <clap> <clap>" --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!

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