IADL #153
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 "Good thing that you're wearing black pants, mom, 'cause your behind is wider than a Pacer, according to Dad, anyway." --phonsux
 A rare outtake from the "Safety Dance" video. --Heath
 "By my troth, Juliet is stacked!" --Wildman
 "Hurry, driver. We must be home before midnight or the carriage will... oh fuck it." --Wildman
 In a sad attempt to impress Debbie into some sex later, Tony grabs Leland's wooden prosthetic arms and pulls them right out of his sleeves. --The Simian
 "...but I wanted to take the Camaro!" --Heath
 Children lose the ability to walk in the year 2023 and must be destroyed. --Colin
 The other villagers hated it when Finn the Giant took his children for wagon rides on the soft right-hand side of the common. --blahsky blahsky
 " . . . . AreWeThereYet?AreWeThereYet?AreWe . . . . " --phonsux
 Hauling the Olsen twins to the chopping block was the best job Earl ever had. --Big ol' Bob
 Unbeknownst to Lotanthar, two Orc assassins had hidden in his Bag of Holding that morning. When his back was turned... --nice personality (INT 16, WIS 15, CHA 12)
 Wow, what an ass on this chick...Hey ,lean up here and get a look at this ass! --Noonan68
 Go, Speed Racer, Go!!!! --Riff
 Even though the twins were born without legs, Edna managed to cope. --The Lawyer
 Aaahhhhhh.....you gotta love the ceremonial "carting in the firstborn" at public stonings. --Don Spudleone
 Thirty bucks for THIS shit? " Huzzah " my ass! --Doc Evil
 Though incredibly mundane to adults, the "Circle Boy George In A Wagon" ride proved a tremendous hit for the 3 to 7-year-old set. --tv's Spatch
 "Twice around the mime, driver ... we're in love!" --tv's Spatch
 So, if I bore out his heart, add new valves, and oil up his arms, I figure we can get a good 2.9 miles per hour outta this baby. --Skywise
 "Bring out yer dead! Bring out yer dead!" --Emil Blovin
 Faster! FASTER! If you're warping our minds and seriously fucking us up, you should at least make it exciting! --The decapitated really unfunny guy
 "Driver? DRIVER! Are you sure this is the way to Dulles? I mean, we've passed that fuckin' street mime THREE TIMES so far!" --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 Move it, damn you, move it! Do you want to be saddled with 1,000 pedophilia jokes? --Bill
 A scene from Anne Rice's The Claiming of Beauty Babies --Bill
 Chun the rikshaw driver always felt a little out of place at Ren-Faires. --Anonywuss

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