Displayed for your enjoyment and presented in two parts:

Good Spinn

Celebrating life and silliness and
the wonder of existence

Evil Spinn

Cheerfully being a bastard
to those who oppose me


Word of God
God Damn to Hades the soul who doesn't read this.

It's tough to be goofy in the land of the blind.

My mom waves "hi" from several states away. Wish I thought of this.

The Sign Prank
The prank that could've gotten me arrested for vandalism, trespassing, and criminal mischief.

The Court Drop
A friend and I cover about 200 square feet with nonsense and confuse the school with it.

A networking class only made interesting by the unintentionally amusing instructor.

My day with Frank, some guy who had a cam of himself on the Web...and a page with his office number.

Bit Jugglers
The difficulty of giving someone something for free.

MovieMask review
Ever wanted to watch a G-rated Saving Private Ryan? With MovieMask, you can!

Internet Sourceline
Internet Sourceline: The Internet's Sourceline.

Zoomin' for a Schumin
The downward spiral of suck that is the Schumin Web.

Dear GOD I hate UPS.

The day of pain I inflicted on my readers. I suck.

Virtual Networks is a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to host there.