Here's the agreement. Anywhere it says "SW", that's me. Anyone see "...and you must host my pictures of Madonna having sex with dead women"? No, me neither.

This agreement is made as of ________, between Virtual Networks, Inc. ("VNI"), a California corporation, with its principle place of business at 16715 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 210, Irvine, CA 92614, and SW.

VNI agrees to provide SW with Service for the purpose of Internet distribution of the World Wide Web site ("SpinnWebe"). "Service" is defined as:

No specific limitation or guarantee is made with regards to bandwidth; however, both parties may have reasonable expectations of such limitation and guarantees, subject to periodic review by both parties.

In exchange, SW will provide VNI with Exposure. "Exposure" is defined as:

For purposes of determining relative benefit, each page impression on which Advertising appears will be valued at $.01 (based on an industry standard of $.01 to $.05 per impression). However, SW will waive any and all monetary recompense, with his sole compensation being Service.

VNI agrees to have non-exclusive advertising on SpinnWebe. SW agrees not to provide advertising for any of VNI's competitors.

SW will retain sole copyright on materials posted on SpinnWebe, unless otherwise specified. SW maintains all responsibility as Publisher of content within SpinnWebe. All opinions, statements and reviews are the sole responsibility of SW, and VNI cannot be held responsible for any content published via SpinnWebe.

This Agreement will be in effect for six months from the date of enactment. The Agreement may be extended for terms of six months thereafter upon agreement by both parties.