They added the following:

SW agrees that the Internet-accessible Web site shall at no time include or contain any information, artistic content or programs that are in violation of any federal, state or local legislation that may have jurisdiction over such content, including (but not limited to) violations of the US copyright act.

SW will retain sole copyright on materials posted on SpinnWebe, unless otherwise specified. SW maintains all responsibility as Publisher of content within SpinnWebe. All opinions, statements and reviews are the sole responsibility of SW, and VNI will not be held responsible for any content published on or by SpinnWebe.

Both quite reasonable and, as I said, things I would ahve added myself had I thought of them. I was most surprised that they didn't remove the "VNI agrees to have non-exclusive advertising on SpinnWebe" line.

Although, here's something I just now realized while I was getting this page together: that first paragraph they added explicitly keeps me from posting porno or the like. So what the hell? Did the Prez have another beef I knew nothing about? Or did he not see this updated agreement and make his own assumptions? Dunno. Either way, it was turning into a circus.