The Dear Greg, We Hate You letter

Here's what I was sent by The Admin. It started with something where he was troubleshooting my POP account, thus the "by the way".

By the way, we need to talk. That HTML page linked to your home page did not go over well AT ALL with the president or any of us. We feel it was utterly inappropriate and in bad taste. I don't understand why you would decide to share that kind of information with the world. Our arrangement is confidential. I would think that you of all people would recognize that, given the problems you've had with Internet providers and the lengths to which you've gone to secure a fair and binding agreement with us. To be perfectly honest, I think it's crippled your chances of finalizing a mutually amenable association with Virtual Networks and Virtual OnLine Services, based on the reactions I witnessed.

Humf. Well, had I been in the mood to discuss it, I would have pointed out a few things: one, I decided to share that information with the world because I kept getting people asking me why my site wasn't up yet; two, this was the first time I had heard the word "confidential", and that's the sort of thing that should have gone in an agreement that I couldn't get them to sign.

Now. In the interest of fairness, Rob Menke pointed out to me that on the 13th, I did have another line at the bottom of that page that I decided to remove a couple hours after putting it up. I don't have the exact text, but it went something like this:

Actually, I think I'm just going to put up my site here. If The President wants to see it, he can look at it on his own network. Expect it up by the end of the week.

I decided that was a bit too obnoxious, so I took it out. Menke said, "Not that I'm defending them, mind you. But even my easy-going nature might have been rattled by that kind of bravado." Possibly true, but I doubt they even saw it.