(update as of 5/13, below)


I was planning on having the site up by May 12, but latest report is that the president of Virtual Networks is getting, well, if not cold feet, at least lukewarm feet. I wrote up this lengthy service agreement for SpinnWebe provision and sent it to them, and it was a pretty explicitly worded quasi-legal document (considering the thorough reaming I'm getting from my previous provider, I'm taking no chances).

However, my feeling is that, rather than seeing this document as protection for both parties, the prez thinks I'm trying to hook them into some agreement in which I put the Virtual Networks name on scores of pages featuring necrophiliac underage homosexual bestiality pics, or something. I don't know. All I've heard is that he's concerned about the content of the site, and while it very well could be that he just wants to be sure there's nothing explicitly illegal or obscene (which would cause me no problem, of course), he might also object to general SpinnWebe content (which only hits around an R rating at worst, but he might be a PG kinda guy, I dunno).

But it was May 1 when I heard about the prez's concerns, and I have the entire SpinnWebe site mirrored at a private location for his perusal and approval, but as of May 8 he hasn't looked at it. So I've been pretty much dead in the water since then. As soon as I find out anything, I'll let you know.

But, once again, in the meantime, here's something to tide you over:

I've been getting a nasty amount of spam recently. Here's the end of one I just got about some sort of carnival cruise thing:

***This is a Free Call.....Serious Inquiries Only Please***

It's a free call, is it? Hm. I called--there's a message saying "all operators are busy," but I'll bet it's just voicemail. Anyway, I called, and left a message, "Thanks for the spam!" I'll be leaving a message for them every so often over the next week. Why? Because they're probably paying 33c a minute for it, is why.

So. Do me a favor and give them a call. Say "Thanks for the spam!" Say "My sister has cooties!" Say "The Internet hates you!" I don't care, whatever. But when you do, drop me a line and let me know what you did, when, and how many times, and I'll post it later.

P.S.: In the time it took me to type all this, their voice mail filled up. (Yeah, it was voice mail--because now, a caller gets sent right into a message that the mailbox is full.) I can only hope it's not that they got massive business, but fellow anti-spammers are clogging their 888 number.

This means you have to keep calling back every five minutes until you can leave a message, obviously. Keep track of dates and times. I want to track how much this spam costs them.

Update: May 13

Keep calling those Florida idiots. My personal call count is up to around 50. Here's a fun tip: call it from a pay phone in a noisy area, and just leave the phone off the hook and walk away. Ambient noise should leave a good five-minute message. Or, walk away for five minutes and come back; if it's still off the hook, hit # to get message options, and do the "review message" thing so it'll play back your (five minute) message again.