Click. Again.

Well, management didn't like the update I had left here, so I'm on the free Web host trail again. It'd be bad form for me to tell you what happened while I'm actually sitting on their server, but I'll give you details later.

Of course, it was probably bad form to have that message there in the first place. Ah well.

Anyway. Once again, I'm looking for someone to host me. I need someone who can give me full capabilities of an Apache server (cgi's, ssi's, etc.), about 30-50 megs of storage (and I have a 200 meg SCSI internal I can contribute here), and a connection to the Net that can handle an average of 130 MB transfer daily (with spikes to 200 MB or so). I'd also prefer a place to get e-mail, a couple mail aliases, the ability to use <> as my home page, and a shell account.

The faster, the better. Believe me when I tell you that SpinnWebe not being up is hurting me more than it's hurting you.

And, once again, let me remind you that this is a hell of a deal for the right company that wants exposure. Each SpinnWebe page will have a text link at the bottom for whoever's hosting me, and I average 5000 page hits a day. If you consider the cost of that advertising to be 1c per page impression (which is pretty reasonable for industry standards), that's $1500 in advertising monthly.

If this page suddenly goes away, it means one of two things: either this message pissed off the wrong people again, or the domain is in the process of being moved to a new machine. At that point, you'd just have to wait, sorry.

Incidentally, I got great response on the spamming idiots in Florida. You'll have to see that when I get it together.