The Court Drop

I used to go to Drexel University. There's this area in the main building there called the Great Court, because it's so huge. Student organizations can schedule weeks to hang "court drops"--banners eight feet wide and 20 to 30 feet high. They were used to announce events and such. Since I was part of the student newspaper, I decided to put one up myself.

I didn't have an event to advertise. A friend of mine and I covered about 200 square feet of paper with disjointed images that seemed to hint about something or another. We had all sorts of pseudo-symbolism. The kind of stuff that just hangs on the edge of meaning. Like the Earth with a large dagger over it, four ugly guys with HATE, GREED, ENVY, and LUST written on them, a black crow with swastikas for feet, etc. It made no sense, and I loved it.

I had it up the last term I was at Drexel, which was sometime May 1992. It was up for about two weeks.

I cannot tell you why most of these pictures are black and white. Could have sworn they were color. Well, the thing was black and white to begin with, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

Perspective shots
To give you a sense of scale, here I am standing next to the hanging drop; here's Rich and me sitting on the floor and the drop. Sorry about the lousy image quality here--somebody else took them and screwed them up.

Small image (GIF, about 40K)
A side shot of the drop.
Medium image (GIF, about 80K)
A front shot. Is actually two pictures pasted together.
Huge image (JPEG, about 150K)
In its fullest blazing glory.
Point-by-point description
A numbered image with descriptions of each item on the Court Drop.