The Drop explained

Items noted with (r) were made by Rich Coughlan, who was another person who drew comics for newspaper.

  1. Circles.
  2. Some stuff gets stuck together up here, because of the angle of the camera. This space mostly contains a bunch of wiggly lines (going over the railing), a big black zappy part, and a fly surrounded by spider webs. Oh, and a paper airplane. (g, r)
  3. Four ugly guys, with GREED, LUST, HATE, and ENVY written in their mouths. I've just now noticed that the two guys you can see are kinda Laurel-and-Hardyish. Hm.
  4. A splotch. (r)
  5. The Blackbird of Spite. "I spite thee!" Swastikas for feet. Neat. (r)
  6. Three dollar signs. I forget, but I kinda think there was a reason why they were right next to the blackbird of spite. (r)
  7. A key. The bit at the end of the key has a cross in it. Just some bonus symbolism.
  8. A semicolon. You should have seen it in person--it was a perfect semicolon. (r)
  9. A martini glass, tipping over. The olive is an eyeball.
  10. Recycling Gone Horribly Wrong. I'm thinking about making this a t-shirt.
  11. Omega.
  12. An ankh.
  13. Rich said that this was "two guys worshipping some higher guy, and another one being cast off the land for some transgression." (r)
  14. A sickle. Just because it's next to the hammer, probably. (r)
  15. J.
  16. A hammer (striking something). (r)
  17. Ampersand.
  18. w.
  19. Demon head.
  20. Keyboard with notes around it. This is here to give the Schedule of Events (24) some first-glance legitimacy.
  21. A fish. (r)
  22. A clock. (r)
  23. Lines around the fish and clock. (r)
  24. The Schedule of Events. Far and away my favorite part of the whole drop. This is how I picture it: a person glances at the court drop, and makes no sense out of it. They look around and see this. "Oh, schedule of events," they think, "this part will make sense." They read it, and find out not even that means anything. It draws you in and spits you out. Loved it.
  25. Palm tree.
  26. Branches of thorns, out of which are growing a skull and a yelling dinosaur. As I remember, Rich just wanted to have a brontosaurus somewhere. (r)
  27. Carrot stalactites.
  28. Tacks rising out of (falling into?) a glowing nuclear power plant. Could possibly be interpreted as "tax".
  29. A bunch of strips of paper, on which I drew alternating X's and diamonds, and then taped to the drop.
  30. A TV displaying a pentagram.
  31. A silhouette of a man holding a cross in one hand and a smoking gun in the other. Considering how conservative Drexel is, I'm surprised no one made a fuss over this.
  32. Metronome.
  33. Hand holding a dagger. The dagger would have been longer, but I planned badly.
  34. I cut a hole in the drop, and then printed out a lot of odd symbols on my computer. Taped them all to the drop as if they were bursting out from the other side.
  35. The earth and the moon.
  36. This was the last thing I put on the drop. I had the drop laid out on the floor while I was painting it. At this point, I was standing in this spot in my socks while I tried to figure out what to put here. I decided to paint the bottoms of my feet.
  37. The sun, as an 8 ball.
  38. "Please do NOT lick this!" (r)