My class on ATM in Morristown, NJ

I was (supposedly) a network admin at a previous job, and ATM was supposed to be all hot and interesting, so I went to an ATM class in Morristown, NJ. Ironically, the class was just the opposite: cold and boring. The only thing that made it interesting, in an inverted, unintentional way, was our instructor. The man was such a total geek, that the geekiest person you know could have laughed at him.

I had my QuickTake on me at the time, but unfortunately, they really don't do the whole package justice. The first picture is a profile, and you can kinda catch the size of his glasses. The things were so thick and huge (hey, ever hear of plastic lenses, pal?), they permanently sat on the tip of his nose, and cut off all airflow there, giving his voice a whiny, nasal quality. This became particularily annoying when he laughed at his own geeky jokes ("So you're passing frames but the other guy doesn't know which end is up heh huh hee heh heh!").

The first day, there was something screwed up with one of the workstations, so his company sent out a guy on the second day to fix it. The instructor just kinda watched him for a while. He had this kinda hunched-over way of staring at things.

Before I left, though, I had to get this picture of him, which was stupid of me, because I forgot to turn the flash off. The quality of the pic is slightly better than the others, but there was an uncomfortable moment while he stared at me because the flash had just gone off in his face. He never said anything about it, though.

Okay, that was the boring version. Go to the interesting version.