Begin the Trash-Talk

Thursday the 28th, 1:30am: I happen to be up, and I get the following from Bob:

I noticed tonight (1:15am Thurs) that the inevitable negative notes have been added to the circus. Back to reality, yet again, I guess.

Oh crap, I think. I'm about to go to bed, but I gotta know, now. I ride there and take a useless picture (way too dark). But the messages are basically anti-Starbucks messages, which is fine with me. I was expecting more along the lines of "get a life" or "you have too much free time". Opinions like these, I can deal with. "Starbucks is killing our neighborhood"? Neat trick, when Starbucks wasn't even there yet. Its power is absolute and cannot be denied.

Next morning, I go back to take pictures, but one of them is gone already. Which is no big loss, because it said something about "Starfucks". Ho ho! Your wit, sir, doth wound!

I added a note under the other remaining one.

Fig. 10a: Useless picture Fig. 10b: "Starbucks sux, and it's killing our neighborhood" Fig. 10c: "Hey--before you destroy western civilization, can I have my coffee frap?"


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