The Floodgates Open

Well, that was something people could latch on to, apparently. People look, gaze vaguely around the notes, while their lips follow along: "Have a coffee...frappucino...whuh?" and wander off to buy an SUV, I guess. Requires creative thought. But this, now: "Oh, an opportunity to bitch about something!" That's something people can get their brain around.

Might as well speed up the process at this point. Friday night: I take another really dark picture. But finally, there's the note I've been dreading. Grumble mutter. Saturday: take another pic, and another one of people looking. My post-its had run out at this point, so someone actually got their own and added a few things.

The notes are generally in three categories: 1) "So this is a Starbucks, then?" 2) "Starbucks sucks" (or "sux"), with "the tower sucks" variations, and 3) "I like Starbucks", with "I like the tower" variations.

Fig. 11a: More Fig. 11b: Bastard. Fig. 11c: Still more
Fig. 11d: Moooo. Mooo-OOOO! Mooooo!


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