During work on Monday, I had this edgy feeling that this was the last day for this bit. People were recycling the same few basic concepts, and it just felt like the thing was over. (Actually I almost ended it with that "get a life" note, and the one that followed, but I got over it.) So I decided I was going to take everything down and leave a wrap-up note after I left work.

Ironically, when I got there at 5pm, all the notes were gone already. Huh. Guess the owner did an on-site inspection or something. Ah well, saved me the trouble. I post my own message on the door. (And, actually, I'm not borrowing money from my mom. I just thought it was good for the bit.)

I get a little preachy here, and I suppose I'm making it look like I had this big social experiment planned from the beginning. Well, I guess I was, sorta, but I had no idea what was going to happen, and I certainly didn't expect it was going to turn into a public opinion poll on Starbucks. I just did it because I was being goofy, and I was hoping like-minded people would also use it to be goofy. So I feel like I should sorta apologize for the high-handed tone of this thing.

Ah, but what the hell. People were mostly being closed-minded idiots. I wanted to make them think, if at all possible.

Fig. 13: Somewhat preachy wrap-up


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