So what do we learn here?


Eh, maybe. Nose to the grindstone, try try again and all that. I certainly did restock those Post-Its quite a bit. But it's not really a strong point, and besides, it's not really like the thing went the way I planned or expected. If this was about perseverence, then it sucked.


Possibly a good point. The pad had the worst time in the beginning, around the weekend. There are a couple bars nearby. Bitch in the beginning notwithstanding, I probably lost some to drunken idiots. If I had thought this out beforehand, it would have occurred to me: this thing probably would have had better luck if I started on a Monday morning. There would've been more businessperson foot traffic, and those people would appreciate coffee humor more. I should've picked my audience better.

No, here's the most significant one:


If you're going to be a goof, that comes with some responsibility, and that responsibility is to yourself. Understand the disappointment you're about to live through. I estimate that around 70 to 80 messages were placed there, and maybe 5 or 7 of them didn't make me want to smack somebody. What's worse, I'll bet that after the flurry or messages were put up, the people I would want to leave messages had no desire to do so, since it became an opportunity for the Normals to whine.

So, if you want to be a goof, be prepared to tolerate either of the following: 1) very few people will appreciate it, or 2) if a bunch of people do join in, your bit's popularity will eat itself. If you don't want to get all bitter and cynical, accept that first, and then do what you want to do.


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