Damnit, Part One

Around 4pm, I decide to check if anything's been done. I go check...no changes. A few people walking around, though, so I decide to wait across the street and watch for a while.

Ironic timing for me, though. No more than 45 seconds pass until a pair of people walk past; looks like mother and daughter. Mother keeps going, but daughter stops to read. Looks at the notes, then reached up for the notes. Oh good! I think to myself.

But she rips the damn pad off. She catches up to her mother and shows it to her in this little "hey, look what I just got for free" motion. I couldn't believe it. What, is she gonna sell it for crack or something? I hop on my bike to go home and get a new Post-It pad, but as I pass them, I yell over, "Hey, enjoy your free Post-Its."

I go home, get another pad, some glue, and as an afterthought, another, smaller pad on which I write a note. If I rode past them again, I was going to toss them to her and say, "Here, complete the set," but I didn't see them on my way to restocking the pad.

Around 6pm, I wonder if my response rate is low because there's no pen. I go back and tape one on. No change otherwise. Also check at 9pm; no change.

Fig. 3a: Note on the smaller Post-Its Fig. 3b: Add one pen


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