Sorta up-close and semi-personal

1pm: riding back from lunch, I see the note with my URL is gone. When I'm back at the office, there's this mail waiting for me:

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 12:34:21 EDT
Subject: Post-it notes, or is it post-it-notes

Your pages are cool. However, when I saw the notes on the soon-to-be-Starbucks, I was just shaking my head in astonishment that someone else besides me would go so far in a matter of having fun as to even tape up some blank notes and a pen.


Well cool. I wasn't expecting any interactivity on this one.

5pm: couple people looking, but no takers. Thinking back on it later, this kinda surprised me, considering most people's natural desire to spew their opinions at any available opportunity...but then, we're not in the opinion phase, yet. Notice how they're all leaning in, hands in pockets, as if ready to spring away and deny any involvement at a moment's notice, in case someone hits the Independent Thought Alarm, or something.

10pm: no change.

Fig. 9a: Moooo Fig. 9b: Baa-aa-aa Fig. 9c: Moooo


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