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Internet Sourceline

Love That Parody!

Then Leth gets an excellent idea, and sends them the following:


From: Leth
Subject: Your web page parody!
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2000 11:08:26 EST

Well, I have to hand it to you. You've presented one of the funniest parodies of an online magazine I've seen in a long time. Your over-the-top approach to showing how bad the grammar is in today's publications really hit the mark.

You got everything in there, too! Comma faults, misuse of apostrophes, sentence fragments, mixed tenses, and case errors all made it into that letter! Kudos on your satire, and I'm sending your web page to all the humor lists I know. Great job, and keep up the funny work!


Brilliant! I ask the spinnoffs to send them similar mail and copy it to me for later documentation. Here's a selection:


From: Paul Roub
Subject: Can't wait!

A friend of mine mailed me your URL -- knowing I love parody sites,
especially the more-subtle ones.

As much as I love the Onion, I find their funniest bits to be the ones that
could almost be real, if you're not looking carefully. Looks like you guys
may be it -- a perfect lampoon of semi-literate news sites. The
mis-punctuation and pidgin English of the "open letter", coupled with the
big-important-radio-tower logo are the perfect touches.

Can't wait!


From: raven
Subject: Wow! Great site!

I must say, I am impressed! I first heard about your site last week on IRC. One of my usual channels was talking about this little site that was a lot like the Onion, a news-site spoof. Instead of goofy stories, the aim was a spot-on parody of the half-baked, semi-literate "online-news & media 'publications'" that seem to clog the Information Superhighway.

At first, I wasn't too interested. (I mean, who can really top _The Onion_?) But then I started hearing about isourceline in newsgroups, as featured links on other humor pages, on mailing lists...

I was just about to check it out for myself when it made the rounds *at work*! Someone had tacked it up onto the dept. bulletin board next to the latest overblown corporative announcement and boy, did it fit right in. It had all the same stilted, awkward sentences, the pompous mis-use of vocabulary, sentence fragements and sentences that never really come to resolution. The tired, cliche motto just capped it off.

When I finally surfed to the site myself and found out that the page was one big image file instead of normal text, I just had to salute you as the Kings of Parody. I mean, it's so subtle, so accurate, that we were talking about it for ages. (Some people just didn't get the humor and thought it was real! That's the sign that you've really done a good job - always keep them guessing just a little.)

So seriously, if you ever need writers or editors, drop me a line. I'd love to help. I can sprinkle commas and butcher English with the best of them!


Subject: Come and knock on our door...
From: Sean Reynolds


Saw a link to your site on Usenet, and I gotta tell you, you're off to a roaring start. That letter is just a note-perfect send up of every self-important Internet "news" site that of late have sprung up like mushrooms.

I swear, some days it seems that every two-bit English Lit and Poly Sci major in America is publishing some hackneyed "on-line news and media publication", gunning to be the next Matt Drudge. It's about time someone took a shot at that well-deserving target.

I have to make one suggestion, though. "Jeff Rambo", while admittedly an hysterical name, is a little over the top. I was thinking if you're going to carry your "knock on that door" theme when you go live, you could give him a last name like Tripper or Roper, a wink to us old-folks who remember that show. Or if you want to use that name for a columnist, that'd be cool, too... I mean, you guys are obviously the experts.

I can't wait to see the site roll out, I've got you bookmarked.


This one gets a reply:

From: "Corporate" <>
To: Sean Reynolds

Dear Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Rambo's name (Jeffrey Anthony Rambo) was given to him at birth, and does indeed appear on his birth certificate. However, thank you for the suggestions.

Regards, Julie Kellis
Info & Relations
Internet Sourceline, Inc.


Apparently Rambo can take his brainchild being called an illiterate moron, but any confusion about his name will not stand.

Tomorrow: Rambo puts two and two together

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