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Internet Sourceline

That's Me, The Disgruntled Ex-Employee

I had also asked people to post about "the upcoming news parody" on newsgroups and to mailing lists, so I don't really know how much mail they got. Either way, I suppose Rambo must've worked it out, because he sends me the following:


From: "Jeff Rambo"
Subject: Slanderous Instigation
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 13:26:22 -0800

I honestly must say (briefly) if you would waste your time with instigating slanderous activity, which would also be considered libelous according to our attorney's, it is surely pathetic and a show of your famed social life.

Jeff Rambo
Chairman and CEO
Internet Sourceline, Inc.


Hee hee! "attorney's". Man, it's really killing me to know if Rambo insisted on writing everything public for iSourceline, and everybody who worked with him grumbled about it. The other entertaining thing here is that libel applies to the written word, and slander applies to the spoken word. Given that nothing I did with iSourceline ever involved speaking in public, it'd be difficult to pin a charge of slander on me. Hell, it'd be difficult to pin a charge of libel on me, because that'd require showing that I lied about their incompetence.

Besides, he's clearly making up the existence of "our attorney's" anyway. Unless he found some lawyers that would work for twenty bucks up front, and a promise of full payment after the weekend's recycled can hunt.

I reply:


If your "attorney's" would tell you what I did was libelous /and/ slanderous, they're as good as your editors. Besides, it'd be tough to prove either, as I haven't made a single statement in public that wasn't true, or wasn't an opinion.

As for my social life, I haven't made any assertions about it to you for you to be qualified to make any claims on the subject, and I'm certainly not famous enough to have a "famed" social life. Either way, let me be the first to offer my condolences for your imminent self-firing without warning, considering the unprofessional way you've just used corporate communications.

For bonus fun, someone dug this up and sent it to me: it was a post Matt made a couple months ago on some newsgroups. I was told to make special note of the final paragraph. Maybe you and he should get together on details, huh? Maybe "corporate-sanctioned" should be in that paragraph somewhere.

Hey, all. My name is Matt H—., and I'm the President/COO with Internet Sourceline ( We are currently preparing for our opening in a couple of months. Our site format will be to have a "topic of the week" of sorts, which will revolve around articles, columns and real audio shows. All types of news will be covered.

If you are interested, please reply to me via e-mail at: or to . Currently, we are not planning to pay anyone, as this is a volunteer project, however, we are open to negotiation. Internships are welcome!

Note: Our journalism will really be on the edge, so if you really like to express your opinion, we are probably a great fit for one another.


Ooh! Edgy. Journalism on the edge. As long as you toe the company line. Idiots.

In the end, though, Internet Sourceline didn't make it. By March, the "media moguls whom we see unfit" announcement was taken down, replaced by a simple "iSourceline" logo; another iSourceline "employee" later told me that they sent out a few more gripes about money, then stopped answering e-mail. By July, the domain was shown as "for sale" at some domain sales site. I suppose Rambo was trying to recoup some of the $270 loss on the venture so he could get a hot lunch from somewhere other than the VA.

Never sold it, though. According to whois, is still owned by Internet Sourceline, so I suppose they weren't able to find any buyers for that powerhouse domain. Hey, who wouldn't want to run a media outlet on a domain that phoenetically starts with "eyesores"?

Or, who knows, maybe I'm selling them short, here. Maybe they're holding on to it because they're still positioning them selves behind that very door-the door which resides in front of news & media moguls whom undeserving of their level of respect they carry-and are standing at the ready for knocking at same (as previously mentioned) to provide with the visiting reader an experience worthy of enlightening and highly useful & insightful informative; hopefully.

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