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Rambo letter

I could annotate this, but ah, screw it. It speaks for itself.

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From: "Jeff Rambo" <>
To: (isourceline addresses)
Subject: Internet Sourceline: At a glance.
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 01:01:48 -0800
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Internet Sourceline; Collectively,

First off, I hope everything had a nice (Super Bowl) weekend, and I would also like to take the time to apologize for the recent shake up and stir we caused with many of you. I would like to strongly point out that this is not the official announcement we promised earlier today, as we have not officially concluded arrangements for making that announcement, which we thought would have been done by now. However, it is indeed basically set in stone, therefore I felt that we should somewhat keep the promise and keep everyone in the light. Therefore this e-mail to you is on the personal basis from me to you just to keep you updated. However, expect the official word on the status of ISL tomorrow afternoon, which was originally slated to be our opening day.

It is not exactly a big secret that over the last month or so, we have been rather disorganized with the process of production at ISL. In a result to this, two week's ago we encountered a situation where "creative direction" was questioned, which was later complemented with a case of pneumonia I encountered further in the week. However, we have since repositioned ourselves with my return and once again key focus leading towards ISL once again.

After we reviewed the approach that we were "utilizing" we realized that it did not exactly sit well with the "direction" we had for going about the growth of our company as one, in which case we decided to basically reorganize things, which lead us up to yesterday's announcement.

We felt that a "surge" needed to be circulated through our staff, as well as ourselves—being the powers that be.  With that said, the e-mail sent out yesterday was warranted by this "surge" we wished to capitalize on—in other words a gut check. Some may disagree with the "methods" we used to do this, but frankly the lack of communication amongst everyone was very timid, and the coordination even worse, which is something we take credit for.

After completely reviewing the foundation, structure, content direction, and backing of ISL; we came to the conclusion that we were frankly not at the caliber we wished to market our product as, nor anywhere near it. We found ourselves often thinking towards the future of ISL instead of the current issues regarding ISL, and in result we made a mistake and now we are in the process of learning from it. At one point, our slogan ("news with an attitude") was going to be "Journalism by Journalist" because we are just that as stated, Journalist, and now we are feeling the negative side of this. Negative meaning we are not Publishers, Experienced Executives, nor Established ... we are simply journalist looking to provide a change in media. But hopefully now that we have learned from our mistakes, we will be able to produce a better material than the one that would of launched on February 1st, a product of higher caliber and better direction which will result in the happiness of us all without a doubt. But with anything that is produced and released at a level near perfection, it takes time and careful planning therefore we don't wish to jump on the backs of anyone this time, nor do we wish to provide additional stress and/or pressure to anyone’s life, so we look to make this ride a little smoother this time around.

There is always a downside to things that usually start off good, and this is it. However, we also have something else that will result in somewhat of a downside, with our turn in direction which will go into effect tomorrow, we will also somewhat be downsizing ISL which will result in us releasing several employees which will further the production of ISL, rather than slow it down. I would like to assure you, this will not cause any disgruntled employee cases so please don't worry about this as I can personally assure you, if you have indeed been active amongst things in the past several weeks the only reason you're departure will come is if you wish for it yourself; wish I do not wish to see.

I appreciate all those whom have been able to deal with the madness we brought to your lives so far, and I would like to say that the profit cart will make it's rounds towards you first hand.

Jeff Rambo
Chairman and CEO
Internet Sourceline


How about that last paragraph though, huh? Rambo must've driven his editors nuts. I wonder if there are people who actually had madness brought to their lives during all this, though. I was just along for the ride, but were there people who were actually depending on income from these guys?

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